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Tuesday 29 January 2019

Hole in One

Hole in 1 Report 

It was going to happen some time.  Yes, the first ever 'hole in one' on the 9th occurred last Monday 21st, in the Pro Comp.  

New member, PETE BOOTS achieved this special event with a perfect shot. Playing off a handicap of 14, a 1 for 5 stableford points helped his score somewhat. 

Well done!

Report from Golf Committee Meeting, 22nd January

  • As mentioned in last week's golfing 'e' news, the issue of the possible introduction of a local rule regarding a lost or out of bounds ball was discussed.  Firstly, many thanks to those members who sent emails or spoke to members of the committee regarding this issue.  After a healthy discussion and consideration of other contributors, it was the overwhelming view of the committee that the current rule remain.  There were many contributing factors to this decision.  We were fully aware that speed of play was the attractive positive, however protecting the integrity of competition and fair play became our primary concern.
  • With this decision in mind, all players are advised that a provisional ball should be played whenever a ball is hit into an unknown/potentially 'difficult to find position'.  For example, hitting significantly to the right or left on the 10th hole can be a potential lost ball. Play a provisional ball to avoid the need to return to the tee if the original ball is lost.
  • Slow play has been an issue of late.  All players need to make every effort to keep up with the group ahead.  No more than two shots behind the group ahead is the target for all groups.  The low handicapper in all groups is responsible for encouraging strategies to improve speed of play, if the group falls behind.
  • Some players have been stopping for refreshments at half time.  This is OK, providing you keep your place in the field.  If the group ahead have left the 10th tee (or 1st if playing reverse) then your group needs to be ready for play.  Players disregarding this issue are at risk of disqualification under the 'discontinued play' rule.  If you are waiting for a coffee or sitting and having a drink and the tee is clear, you are in breach.
  • Stuart Meani has indicated that many of the scorecards that he and Warren have processed recently have been very poorly presented/marked.  The scorecard that is signed by the marker and player,  is the official document in a golfing event.  If it is incorrect, players will be DQ'd.  The score on the card must also be reflected on the computer.  Please double check.
  • A reminder to all players that under the new golf rules, you still cannot ground your club behind or in front of your ball in a bunker.  You may, however, ground your club in a penalty area.  (Bunkers are not penalty areas).
  • Justin Bradbury would like all members to rake the walls of our bunkers with the 'back of the rake'.  This will help compact the walls so that the ball will have less chance of plugging.
  • Still on bunkers - in the event that you find your ball in an area of a bunker where the matting is exposed, you may take relief within the bunker - the only problem is that you need to drop (from knee height).
  • Removal of two putt local ruleThe 7th green will remain out of play for some time.  Last week, a two putt rule was used on this green.  This is actually a local rule that we cannot continue with.  As a result, this will no longer be in place.  The hole will now be played like any other hole in golf - the ball needs to be in the hole for the hole to be completed.
  • We regularly have complaints by members about social players.  This is a reverse.  In recent months, Stu has had a number of complaints from social golfers, complaining about us.  Groups as large as 8 Members playing together, causing long waiting times for visitors to our course.  Please restrict groups to the correct size (no more than 4).
  • Our Golfing By-Laws require all players to arrive for their golf game as per the time sheet.  In recent months, we have had many players not arriving for their tee time and not advising the Pro Shop of a cancellation.  The Club has the option of charging the normal competition fee for players who fail to arrive without notice.  This is a reminder of this By-Law.  We are aware that on some occasions players have been booked in without their knowledge by well-intentioned friends.  However, it is your responsibility to check and ensure this does not occur on your behalf.
  • Please take the time to read Justin Bradbury's 'Greens Report' including information regarding the 7th green and issues on and around the course.

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