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E-News with Director Greg Matheson

Thursday 5 July 2018

Bob Zelesco

Information for Golf Members

'At the Board Meeting on 27th June the Board of Directors, under Section 30 of the Registered Clubs Act 1976, appointed Bob Zelesco as a Director of Camden Golf Club up to the Annual General Meeting in October 2019. This action was taken to fill the vacant Ordinary Director position on the Board. 

Bob has previously served two terms as a Director of our Club and his golf knowledge and experience in golf administration are seen as skills which will complement the functioning of the Board.

Stephen Humphreys

Hitting up on the 2nd, 12th and 18th Greens

Over a period of time we have had incidents of players who are capable of hitting long tee shots, landing on the green on the above par 4 holes, whilst players are on the green putting.  Can I remind all players of their personal responsibility whilst playing golf.  If you are capable of hitting within 20 metres of any location that is occupied by the players in the group ahead, you must wait.  The three holes mentioned here are specifically problematic in that they are reachable for a number of long hitters in the club. Players must wait for the green to clear.  To justify an action by stating that 'I didn't think I could reach'' is not acceptable. Factor in your best shot plus 20 metres.

Gary Hunt

Club Captain

Many thanks to Kim de Cean who has been Club Captain over the past 6 months.  Due to illness, Kim has unfortunately and reluctantly stepped down from this position effective immediately.  She has been an excellent Club Captain during this time, breaking new ground as the first female to hold this position.

Gary Hunt will take on the role from this week. After many years as a member of the Board of Directors, Gary brings vast experience to the role.  We wish him well in his new role.  If his introductory speech was any indication, it should be an exciting time for all.  

Greg Matheson will remain as Club Vice Captain.

Ladies Captain

Congratulations to Shelley Chapman who has been elected as the new Ladies Captain, commencing this week, after previous Captain Patricia Gleeson relinquished her position.  We thank Patricia for her efforts in this role.  Shelley will be assisted by the new Vice Captain Maureen Brown.  We wish both ladies well in their role.

Col Hargraves

The things that can happen to a golf ball.  

Had it been up the middle Col, it would not have finished in the bark.  Some very unkind members calling our course Studley Bark, may have expected to see a ball on the bark, but not in the bark.

(If you have interesting events that occur on the golf course, please let me know.  A photo is always an excellent support agent).

Golfing Event Information

This Saturday is the pairs event, American Foursomes.  For those who are unfamiliar with this game, the following may help:

  • Both players hit their own tee shot.
  • Players swap balls and hit their partners ball for their second shot.
  • Players then decide which of the two balls is in the best position.  They choose the ball to be 'played out'.  Whoever's turn it is to hit that ball, then plays the third shot.  From there it is alternate hitting (normal foursomes).  The handicap for your pairing is half the combined handicap.  Enjoy.

Please note- because this is a pairs event, please ensure that if you need to withdraw, that you do this early and inform your partner.  There is NO individual event on this day.  

Next Saturday (14th July), is the final of the men's individual handicap match play event, the Cosgrove/Whear.  The finalists are Bill Bell and Albert Smart. We wish them both well.

Any appeals/ score controversies need to be referred to the Match Day Committee.  For the next two weeks, please contact Stu Meani, Gary Hunt, Bill Bell.

Slow Play 

As previously mentioned in Golfing news, winter is a time where later tee off groups struggle to finish prior to darkness - Saturdays in particular, but also Thursdays can be problematic.  All groups, irrespective of their tee time, must ensure that they do not 'lose a hole' to the group ahead.  It is the responsibility of the low handicap player in each group to initiate strategies to avoid loss of place in the field.

  • Moving two players to the next tee after putting out.
  • Scoring your card for the previous hole after playing your tee shot, if you are first to play.
  • Ready golf - if you are ready, despite other players being further from the hole, play your shot.
  • Play honour golf if you wish, but not when you are behind.
  • Cart players can play a huge role in assisting potential lost balls and saving time.
  • Walkers briskly walk to your ball.
  • Strictly abide by timing rules for a lost ball; 5 minutes.  In stroke rounds in particular, play a provisional if the ball is heading toward trouble.

New Golf Cart

New Cart Fleet

Golfing members would have noticed our new fleet of golf carts arriving sporadically over the last two weeks.  To date we have received 40 of the new carts with the remainder due for arrival on Monday 9th July 2018.

We hope you enjoy our new ride!

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