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Thursday 21 June 2018

Jack Newton Event: Macarthur Junior Masters

Sunday and Monday of the long weekend saw Camden and Campbelltown Golf Clubs host the biggest of the JNJ Golf events.  Over 200 players, including some of the best junior in NSW participated.  We had the older players (14, 15, 16 plus) on the Sunday.  One player, Harrison Crowe from St Michaels, had played in our Saturday competition as a warm up for Sunday, scoring a 6 under par scratch score in winning our stableford event.  He went on to shoot 5 under par 66 in a standout performance on the Sunday, to lead the over 16's by 4 strokes from Tom Heaton, The Australian, and Cameron Rios-Ceballos, Stonecutters Ridge.  Locals, Josh Battle (78) and Brandon Vella (81) were well behind the leader after day one.   Harrison went on to shoot 1under par at Campbelltown and win this division by 2 strokes from Adam Thorp from Federal, who shot 5 under at Campbelltown.  Impressive golf indeed!

Geordie Taylor had a good Nett score of 71, to be 3 strokes behind the leaders after day one, then followed this up with a similar round at Campbelltown to finish equal 4th overall.

Jack McDonald, Links Cove, shot 1 under (70) to lead the 14 and 15 year's event, with local Nicholas Zelesco our best with 83.  Nicholas went on to claim a 10th place in the Nett event over the two days.

On day one, Camden player Noah Graham scored well at Campbelltown and followed this with a good round at home on Monday to finish 13th scratch, and 11th Nett in the under 11 years age group.

The girls divisions of the Jack Newton event were equally competitive, with some outstanding individual performances.  Unfortunately, there were no junior girls from Camden who participated, although Stu Meani has a few youngsters getting ready on a Sunday morning for future events.

2018 Macarthur Junior Masters

Final Round of the Masters Pennant

The team's season ended with a defeat away to Dunheved. In a match that required a very strong win to win our pool group, Camden suffered a heavy defeat to a strong opponent.
Many thanks go to our team manager, Noel Beattie, who completed his 21st year as both a player/ manager of this team. In fact we may have been more successful in the final match had we taken a leaf out of Noel's performance in last Saturday's competition at home, (5 up in the par event).
Thanks also to Bob Zelesco, who has been a wonderful sponsor (and player) of this team for many years.

Great thanks also to the regular caddies for the players, Steve O'Donnell, Ray Byles and other part timers.

Final round individual results: 12 to 3 loss

  • G. Matheson - 2 and 1 loss
  • C. Zanoni - 3 and 2 loss
  • B. Bell - 1 up win
  • P. Nonnenmacher - halved
  • R. Bolton - 3 and 2 loss
  • N. Hoskin - 3 and 2 loss
  • G. Hunt - 5 and 4 loss
  • B. Zelesco - 4 and 3 loss

Super Seniors Squad

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected in the most successful pennant team that we have had in recent years.  These players will be reprinting the club in the over 65 years pennant competition.

  • Neville Hoskin
  • Peter Legge
  • Joseph Smuk
  • Kenneth Bellman
  • Brian Thorn
  • David Kidd
  • Danny Senko
  • Steven O'Donnell
  • Stephen Humphreys
  • Frank Cahill
  • Neville Smith (Manager)
Many thanks to Gary Campbell who once again will be the team sponsor.

Some Requests from the 'Greens Staff'

  1. Please ensure that when driving a cart that you keep the full 10 metres away from greens and tees.  Damage is constantly being done by carts driving far too close to greens and green collars in particular.
  1. Divots taken on the tee boxes of Par 3's in particular have become a concern.  Please use the sand boxes provided to fill.
  1. A number of golf carts have been seen driving through roped off areas and in some cases through bunkers.   Please report any cases of this type of behaviour to the Pro Shop.
  1. Pitch Mark repair in winter is very important.  Please be vigilant with regard to this issue.

From the Pro Shop and Competition Information

  1. A reminder to all golfers who have won golf balls, please remove from your account prior to the new financial year.
  2. Apologies for the confusion in last Saturday's event.  We aim to ensure that these unfortunate situations will not occur in the future.
  3. Each competition day has a committee of three members of the golfing committee who can be asked to resolve any issues that may occur. Stu Meani, Greg Matheson and Stephen Humphreys will be the 'Match Committee of the day' for the next two weeks.  You may ask any member of the Board for contact details if they are not on the premises.
Each fortnight, a new Match Committee of the day will be advertised.  Names will be posted next to the computer score entry.

GOLF Link & Scorecards

At a recent Golf Committee Meeting, the issue of players not entering their result on the computer or not submitting their card into the competition box was discussed. It appears that this has become a problem for some players and can potentially cause handicapping irregularities. Players need to be aware of the following information with regard to Golf Link competition rounds. Two questions from the GolfLink website are answered to help your understanding of how the system works:
Q1 - My score status for the previous competition I played is marked No Score - Approved. What does it mean?
A -  No Score - Approved is used as a Score Status if you have not returned a Score Card and this has been approved by the club. The status of Approved is decided by a club official upon understanding the circumstances that lead to the round being incomplete. Acceptable reasons include illness, bad weather or emergency. There is no adjustment to the handicap.  (yellow flag)
(In this case, you need to notify the club match day committee of this occurrence).

Q2 - I noticed that my score status is No Score - Not Approved. What does it mean?
A - This is used as a Score Status if a player fails to complete a round or submit a score for handicapping purposes without reasonable justification. If a player fails (for a reason which is not approved by the committee in charge of the competition) to post an acceptable score as soon as practicable after completion of their round, the following process will be followed:

  • The round is to be recorded in GOLF Link with the status of 'No Score - Not Approved'. (red flag)
  • However, if the committee considers the player is most likely to have had a 'good' score, it should NOT use the 'No Score - Not Approved' option. Instead it should enter a score for the player for that round equivalent to the best handicap differential of the player's most recent previous 19 handicap differentials AND select the GOLF Link 'Disqualified' score status option.
"When a player's returns give rise to suspicion they may be attempting to "manipulate a handicap", or are in serious breach of the System or the Rules of Golf or Etiquette (as contained in the Rules of Golf booklet), any Club of which the player is a member is empowered to investigate the player's performances and, if considered warranted, temporarily decrease and/or freeze, or suspend their Australian Handicap".

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