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Thursday 2 September 2021


It's an 'Eagleathon' for our Young Guns

A few weeks ago it was Libby Newcombe with an eagle 2 on the first, then it was an eagle 2 on the second for Noah Graham.  

Whatever these young members are having for breakfast, I would like some as well.

Hole in One

Congratulations to Sue Marsh for a great score on the 6th hole a few Saturdays ago.  A hole in one; (her second during her golf career) well done.  

So it's not just the youngsters scoring 5 pointers.

Swooping Magpie

Swooping Magpies

Just be aware that we are back in 'magpie breeding season' and we have a few hotspots on our course: just past the women's red tee box on the 8th heading down the gully, he (yes - it is only males that swoop) is back just like the last few years.



Crows - they have been hanging around for a while, more recently pinching our golf balls. Keep an eye on where you have hit your ball - particularly on 11 and 13; if you don't see them take it and you are off the fairway somewhere, it can be very frustrating.


Due to COVID restrictions, the Warren and Gibson Pennant season has been cancelled for 2021. This is unfortunate for all the guys who were keen to represent our Club in B and C Grade Pennants, particularly due to our recent successes in these competitions.

There is currently no new information regarding the Masters Pennants Semi Finals. It has been over two months since Golf NSW had postponed the promotion and relegation matches and it seems highly unlikely to be completed.

Also, no news for the Super Seniors and their Pennant season- a meeting was due to take place on August 29 to determine the likelihood of commencing the tournament.

Club Events

Through COVID we have had many of our regular 'major events' cancelled. The Mixed Foursomes, Women's and Men's Foursomes, Higlett Edwards, Medals have been Par events.

At this stage we will not make a call on the Club Championships, with a number of options open at this stage. It is clear, however, that this event will not be conducted until groups can play in 4's and all members have access to the course.

President Andrew Moyle

A Message from the President

Members and visitors are asked to follow the COVID protocols for golf, by leaving the course after completing their round, wear face masks in the car park and practice green and follow social distancing while waiting on tees .

Andrew Moyle,

Adam Thurgar

Adam Thurgar

The passing of Adam Thurgar after a lengthy battle with a terminal illness will hit many members very hard.  He was a much loved, friendly and charismatic man, with a love of Camden Golf Club.  Unfortunately, his illness prevented him from playing much golf in recent years.  The following excerpts are an indication of his love of the game of golf and his support of those with illness.

I interviewed Adam 6 years ago under a short-lived segment in the Golfing News called The 'Front Nine' with Matho. I thought I would re-share this with you:

Introducing Member:  Adam Thurgar
Q1.  How long have you been a member at Camden Golf Club?  
Answer - 25 years.
Q2.  Do you remember your best round here?   Score?
Answer - 74, playing off a handicap of 16 (a Nett 58 thanks very much). 
Q3.  Who do you usually play with in competitions?
Answer - Regular Partners: Mick Bullock, Dan Smith and Wayne Bogg. 
Q4.  What is the best club in your bag?
Answer - My putter, with wedges a close second.
Q5.  If you could organise a 'dream' 4 person group to play with (not members of CGC), who would the other three players be?
Answer - The Masters Champion at the time (he could get us onto Augusta), Viv Richards (for those younger members - the cricket legend from West Indies) and Vic Lee.
Q6.  What has been the funniest thing you have seen on a golf course?
Answer - Gregg Charles climbing a tree near the 16th green to retrieve his putter, but climbed up the wrong branch.
Q7.  Who is your favourite pro golfer? 
Answer - Brett Rumford
Q8.  If you could change a rule in golf, what would it be? 
Answer - Free drop if you are in a sand filled divot.

The following article was received from Adam and published in a Golf News in 2018 after the death of Australian golfing great, Jarrod Lyle - It says a lot about Adam.
"Australian professional golfer Jarrod Lyle had made the decision to stop active treatment for his cancer and begin palliative care.
Jarrod had acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), he had multiple rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant from his brother.
For people with blood cancers, like AML, a stem cell or bone marrow transplant is the only potential cure.
If you are between 18 and 45 years old you can help people with blood cancers by registering to become a donor at the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry https://www.abmdr.org.au/" (From me) - For those who don't know Adam, he has been a fantastic Club member for many many years.  He has had some significant health struggles himself in the past few years and has committed to helping those with this disease.  His dream goal would be to have a "Yellow" day on the Friday of the Emirates Australian Open - like Jane McGrath "Pink Day" on Day 3 at the Sydney Cricket Test.

Peter Tanner

Peter Tanner

It's great to see Peter, our leader of the 'volunteers group'', back on the course last Monday for his first game after major heart surgery.  He walked the course and played pretty well.

Multiple Divots

The Course

Members who are getting the opportunity to play would have to be impressed with the quality of the golf course, fairways and greens in particular.  Justin and his team work hard for our benefit, so it is really disappointing when Justin arrives to work on Wednesday and sees the following on the 8th hole - clearly someone out late Tuesday evening - multiple divots from the same spot, no effort to use a sand bucket and either a large number of practice swings, or hitting multiple balls when two is the maximum allowed in a practice round. Course care is everyone's responsibility, not just the 'greens staff'.

Golfing E-News proudly brought to you by Golfing Member Greg Matheson.

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