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Friday 7 May 2021

May Medal Winners

Beautiful weather greeted players for the May Medal.  Firm but receptive greens, outstanding fairways and some thick rough challenged members.  Congratulations to the following players who not only won the medal but have now also qualified for the end of year Medal of Medals.

  • A Grade Men - Chris Zanoni (68)
  • B Grade Men - John Ward (67)
  • C Grade Men - Ray Woodward (68)
  • A Grade Women - Jacky Matheson (76)
  • B Grade Women - Bernadette Johnston (76)
  • C Grade Women - Margaret Poulton (74)

Keno Event Winners

The Keno 2 Ball Ambrose qualifying event was played on Saturday, 24th March.  Some great scores were recorded.  The winners were:

  • Maria Thorn and Anne Brady - Women
  • Pam and Ken Dilucchio - Mixed
  • Greg Miller and Mitch Arnold - Men

Cameron Banks

Cameron Banks

Cameron has been playing in tournaments as part of his traineeship as a club professional in recent weeks and is currently in Melbourne playing a big event, the Victoria/Tasmania PGA Associate Championship a Tocumwal Golf Club.  He opening with a round of 3 over par and in the second round, at the time of going to print,  he was right on the 'cut line' with a few holes to play.  

We wish Cameron well.

Camden Cup

Our biggest event at Camden Golf Club is coming up - May 29.  Many of the top male and female gofers in Sydney will play the course that Justin Bradbury and his team will take great pleasure in making difficult.  

See the Pro Shop for entry forms or enter online.  There is a handicap limit for both the men's and women's event, (12 for male members and 27 for female members).

2019 Camden Cup

Masters Pennants

Commences next Sunday, 16th May.  The team will be playing Antill Park at home in their first round.  The team is sponsored by long term supporters of the Club - Admark Constructions (Gary Hunt) and Camden Tyre Service Dunlop Super Dealer (Bob Zelesco).  Bob, as team manager, is excited by the team's chances with a number of new faces in 2021.  Darren Cummins, David Jansen and Duncan Skinner reached the magic 50 years of age milestone and will add significant talent to the team, with older team members backing up including Bill Bell, Gary Hunt, Chris Zanoni, Peter Nonnenmacher, Rob Bolton, Neville Hoskin, new recruit Noel Wood and Greg Matheson.


Thank You

Shelley Chapman has done a great job over the past few years as Ladies Club Captain. Yesterday she announced that she was stepping down from this role - a significant loss of her expertise and commitment to ladies golf and golf in general at Camden.  

Kim DeCean will take over the role that she has performed admirably previously until the women's AGM.

Many thanks Shelley.

Mixed Pennants

Had a halved match in Round 1 at Glenmore.  No details of scores at the time of going to print.

Speed of play

At last Thursday Night's 'book in', our captain, Gary Hunt, made a plea for speed. Stu, Paul and Cameron also reminded us in the Pro shop prior to play that speed of play was vital particularly on a Medal round. Unfortunately the afternoon session commenced over half an hour late and it was likely dark when the final groups reached their final hole. Unless the speed improves, Gary has now initiated two measures to help improve this situation. 

  1.  The introduction of the local rule recommended by Golf Australia, shown below, for a lost ball or out of bounds: the group determines approximately where the ball entered the 'lost area', the player then moves on this line onto the edge of the fairway, drops a new ball and is playing under two stroke penalty. That means a lost ball off the tee results in the next stroke being four. (Players of course would have had the option to play a provisional ball, but if they don't do so in the first instance, they cannot return to play a provisional after not finding the ball - this saves time).
  2. After a prior warning, if you remain out of position, the marshal on the day will walk the entire group to catch up to where he considers you should be - wiping the hole in stableford or like events. In stroke play, players who are out of position after a warning will each receive a two stroke penalty.

Golf's New Rules: Stroke and Distance

Unfilled Divots

One of our wise old members has a saying: "the unfilled divot that you walk past, is the future lie you are prepared to accept".  The moral being - if you see a divot unfilled - don't just walk past it - fill it.  (I like this saying - it might have been Gary).

16th hole

There has been some recent confusion over the options that are available for players if their ball finds the penalty area on the 16th. Under the new rules (2019) there are three options that a player has- not the four options available previously. The option that has been removed is the one that enabled a player to play from a position no nearer the hole, but on the other side of the hazard. (On our 16th, this was toward the driving range on the road side of the 'hazard'- this is no longer an option because it would be more than 2 club lengths from where the ball last crossed the hazard). See the explanation below:

Q. How do I take relief from a yellow or red penalty area?

A. When you take relief from a penalty area, you get one penalty stroke. For yellow penalty areas, you have two relief options. For red penalty areas, you have three relief options (the same two relief options as you do for yellow, plus one additional option.) For a yellow penalty area, you may take relief by dropping into a relief area using (1) the spot at which your last stroke was made under stroke and distance (see Rule 17.1d(1)) or (2) the back-on-the-line relief procedure (see Rule 17.1d(2)). For a red penalty area, you have the two options above for a yellow penalty area, plus an additional option to take lateral relief. Lateral relief allows you to drop a ball into a relief area measured from where your ball last crossed the edge of red penalty area. From that reference point, you are allowed to drop outside the penalty area and anywhere within two club-lengths of that spot, no nearer to the hole (see Rule 17.1d(3)).
We recently had a query on the same hole regarding a ball that landed on the other side of the penalty area and then popped back into the water (apparently after clearing the red penalty area). The problem here is that once 'point of entry' on the other side is determined, it is virtually impossible to then be outside the penalty area within two club lengths of point of entry and NOT be nearer the hole. It is most likely that relief would need to be on the tee side. (maybe this penalty area needs to be yellow to avoid confusion).

Some Photos from the Course

Autumn brings out some great photo opportunities in Camden. These are sent to you by prize winning photographer, Kendell Hunt, using the latest in camera technology (her iPhone).

Course PicsCourse Pics



Saturday afternoons at 2pm on the driving range, our next generation golfers are busy learning their skills for our great game. If you have a child, grandchild, friend of the family who may be interested - Stu Meani has a program for beginners who are between 5 and 12 years of age.

Contact the Pro Shop for details.

A Letter from Chris Tickner

As part of our 75th Anniversary Camden Golf Club book that a small group of members is currently researching (we still have about 3 years to complete this task), I recently got in contact with past Golf Professional at our club, Chris Tickner.  Chris now lives in Kew, near Port Macquarie and continues to coach golf at the age of 72. He is a Camden boy at heart having gone to school at Camden Primary, Camden High School and then into a traineeship here at our club.  He was one of Australia's greatest ever ball strikers (up there with the Shark, Crampton, Devlin, Shearer, Scott etc).  Even though the attached information will be in our book, I felt it was such a lovely recollection from a man that many older members would consider was amongst the most influential figures in our history, that I have included the letter in this edition of Golfing News.

In my letter to Chris, and his wife Pat, I asked a series of questions about his life, career, and family.  (The questions are not included - the responses make the question clear): 

Click on the link below to read Chris's letter.

Pete Southby

Member Welfare

Long time Golfing Member and Club Sponsor Garry Campbell is currently in hospital after recently undergoing an operation.

Garry is expected to be out of hospital soon and hopes to be back on the golf course in no time at all.

We wish Garry a speedy recovery.


Pete Southby, Welfare Officer.

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