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Thursday 25 March 2021

Matt Ferreira, Alan Nokes & Matt Turvey

Match Play Final Report

The finals of the Men's Match Play were played on Saturday 13th March under warm conditions. 

In A Grade, Matthew Ferreira got off to an incredibly hot start and was 5 up after 9 holes and maintained that position until the back 9 of the second 18 (this match was played over 36 holes).  But as was expected, Darren Cummins came back strongly over the closing holes.  However the lead was too big to peg back, with Matt holding his nerve for a 2 and 1 victory.  So the Club has a new first time Match Play Champion - well done Matty. 

In B Grade -  In a very close finish which went to the final hole, Alan Nokes won in a really tight contest 2up over Ian Stoddart. 

In C Grade - Matt Turvey won in another really close finish over Graham Cook. This match went to the 18th hole in a nail biter, with Matt winning 1 up. 

Darren Cummins & Matt FerreriaIan Stoddart & Alan NokesGraham Cook & Matt Turvey

Susan Miller

Ladies Report

Susan Miller recently competed in the Central West Week of Golf, incorporating the 24th Annual Classic held in Orange.  Her results are as follows for the week:

54 hole Stableford winner

  • 35 pts at Wentworth
  • 37 pts at Wentworth & 
  • 34 pts at Duntryleague
Well Done Susan!
  • Wednesday 10th March was the qualifying 4BBB round for the Dunlop/Harding Match Play, whereby the top 8 teams qualify. The leaders of the day, Kim De Cean and Judy Page paired incredibly well and managed to get a massive 48 points, followed closely behind by Lola Harris & Sue Marsh, and Wendy Hyndman & Anne Brady - who had an equally impressive score of 46 points. The first round is meant to take place this week, however due to the onslaught of rain we have had, that isn't looking promising.  The first round will however take place at some stage between now, and the second round on April 14th.  The pairings and match ups are as follows:
  • Kim De Cean & Judy Page vs Patricia Morrison & Shelley Chapman
  • Lola Harris & Sue Marsh vs Janice Gill & Gloria Wakeling
  • Wendy Hyndman & Anne Brady vs Susan Douglas & Wanda Kozinski
  • Dirkje Kingma & Maureen Wackett vs Maria Thorn & Patricia Gleeson
 Good luck to all, Shelley.

Another wet week of golf.  Frustrating times, although if we were on the Central Coast and up to Port Macquarie we may have suffered more significant damage.  Some great photos showing some of the water flow.

Course PicCourse Pic

After the course was closed for 5 days, it was reopened on Thursday this week with only 9 holes playable and carts not permitted on the course. Stay tuned for further information on course access and cart use for Saturday.

Superintendent's Report

Greens renovations was a little different this year due to the weather conditions not necessarily working with us. Sunday afternoon was cancelled and a fine Monday allowed us to topdress and core all 20 greens.  All but 2 were rubbed in, being the 8th and 9 as they were sanded late in the day.  We knew rain was moving in on Tuesday and less than ideal conditions, so it was a big effort by the guys.  We also managed to apply our soil amendments and fertiliser.  The process was condensed and approx.  3 days work was crammed into a day and a half.

The recent rain has been more help than hinderance on the greens post renovations.  With the course being closed for 5 days it has been nice to have no foot traffic and play on them.  The rain has washed the sand into the profile and canopy extremely well also and recovery has been exceptional. Our first mow is this afternoon (Wednesday) at 8mm. This is higher than normal as we are about 3-4 days behind where we'd normally be.  This height will be gradually brought down over the next 10-14 days.  We will also be looking to get a fungicide application out in the next day or two as disease pressure is high at this time.

The golf course received 252mm from Thursday and a total of 280mm in the past 10 days. There was a huge amount of water moving across the course in recent days with the 13th dam backing up and overflowing all the way across the 14th and 15th fairways down to the 16th and 4th holes. The back 9 will remain closed Thursday and Friday due to these holes still remaining unsafe and inaccessible.  Bunkers will remain out of play for the time being as it will take some time to pump them out and restore them to a playable condition.  All mowers have had their height of cut lifted to allow us to get out there mowing as soon as we can.  These heights will gradually be brought down also as we can get back on top of all the mowing and the course in a presentable way. Course conditions will be assessed once again Friday afternoon to establish what the weekend will look like.

On behalf of myself and the greens staff we thank you for your patience and understanding as we get the course and greens back into good playing conditions for all members and guests. 

Kind Regards, Justin Bradbury

Course PicCourse PicCourse Pic

Volunteers Report

Volunteers were placed into a state of hibernation during the pandemic but are now back in a limited capacity and on stand-bye for 'special projects' as they arise.

During our time away the team has collectively completed several medical procedures including hip and knee replacements, cancer removals, plastic surgeries (one lucky vol had eight procedures and some say is now looking rather 'Don Juan-ish', aka 'The Seducer of Seville') etc, etc. 

Welcome back to all.


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