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Thursday 11 March 2021

Major Pennants Report

Round 5 was a must win if we were to have any chance of winning our group.  Sadly, the boys found Muirfield a little too hot, with a 5-2 loss at home.  Many thanks to the members who came out to support the team.

Individual Results:

  • Michael Bell - Square
  • Michael O'Toole - Loss 6/5
  • Lindsay Hudson - Loss 3/2
  • Lincoln McLaren - Win 2 up
  • Daniel Meldrum - Square
  • Corey Jaeger - Loss 1 down
  • Matthew Green - Loss 4/2

Round 6 was effectively a dead rubber, with no opportunity to win the division with a win, or a 'consequence' for a loss.  The final score was a 5-2 loss, however two of the matches were oh so close to a win, with both Michael Bell and Matt Ferreira losing on the final hole in very close matches.

Individual Results:

Michael Bell - Loss 1 down

Matthew Green - Win 3/2

Matt Ferreira - Loss 1 down

Lincon McLaren - Loss 6/5

Lindsay Hudson - Win 5/3

Corey Jaeger - Loss 6/4

Daniel Meldrum - Loss 3/2

Brett Moyes

Managers Report for Major Pennant Season

Firstly I want to thank all the players for the efforts they put in this season.  I know they all feel a little deflated given how our season panned out but let's put things into perspective.  This year we had four debutantes Corey Jaeger (29), Matt Greene (17), Jared Harvey (18) and Noah Graham (13) experiencing their first taste of Major Pennants.  It's great to see some young juniors past and present going on to represent our wonderful Club.  On top of that we had Lincon McLaren playing his first year with Camden and Matt Ferreira playing his second.  So all in all it was a decent result that we can build on for next year.

I would like to make special mention to Matt Greene who had 4 wins and 2 losses for the 6 games he played this season.  To have a winning record in Major Pennants is a difficult thing to do, but to do it in his first season was a great achievement.

I would also like to thank all the members of the Club who came out and supported the team during the home matches.  It means a lot to the players to have their support and it would be great to see more members out supporting all of the Club's pennant teams in the future.

Lastly and most importantly I want to thank one of our Club sponsors, Lincon McLaren from MRE (McLaren Real Estate) for the sponsorship of our team.  Sponsors make the experience so much better for the players and I know they all appreciated the additional support this season.

Kind regards, Brett Moyes.

March Medal Winners

Saturday, 6th of March was a medal round.  In the men's, the standout round was the scratch of 83 and a nett of 63 from Paul Meehan in C Grade.

Congratulations to the following winners (and of course they will now be eligible for the Medal of Medals event in December).

Women's A Grade - Maria Thorn (73) cb

Women's B Grade - Patricia Gleeson (71)

Women's C Grade - Maureen Brown (71)

Men's A Grade - Robbie Minns (66)

Men's B Grade - Mike Woodland (67) cb

Men's C Grade - Paul Meehan (63)

Men's Club Match Play Finals

This Saturday, 13th March, the final in each grade in the Men's Match Play will be played.  A Grade will be played over 36 holes, while B and C Grades will be played over 18 holes.  Members are asked to be aware of the A Grade Match, as the players, Matt Ferreira and Darren Cummins will be in carts and they will be moving through the field.    They will be teeing off at 8.48am.  B and C Grade will be playing in a 4 person time slot at 11.12am.  We wish all players the best of luck.

  • B Grade Final - Ian Stoddart v Alan Nokes
  • C Grade Final - Graham Cook v Matt Turvey

Well Done - Wanda Kozinski

We did congratulate Wanda Kozinski last week (in Shelley's report) for her efforts in the recent Shoalhaven week of golf.  We received a special comment from the President of Macarthur Veterans Golf, Gerald Rogers , during the week.  He congratulated Wanda for her efforts, as follows:

Day 1:  Third Division 1

Day 3:  First Division 1

Winner of  the NSW VGA Shield for ladies (best aggregate for days 1 and 2).

Course Pic

The Weather 'Gods'

Some members have been frustrated by the rain, fog, lightning and thunder in recent times.  Maybe the following photo might just remind us all that we live in a country of extremes - it will not always be as green as it is now and it might just return to the terrible dry of late 2019.  Either way - we can't do a thing about it.

Members may recognise the lefty hitting out of the 11th dam (courtesy of Garry Wackett).  He was glad that day for a chance to out of the dam, but I'm sure he's glad it is now full.

Deep Rough

The Rough

There have been some comments recently about the rough and cutting heights on the golf course, which we feel needs to be addressed.  Firstly and most importantly, it must be understood and appreciated that this summer has been unusually and consistently wet which has had an impact on the growth rate of the grass. This has then consequently led to many more hours being committed to mowing all surfaces, along with additional spraying etc amongst other tasks on the course.

With regard to cutting heights... we currently cut all our primary rough at 64mm (2.5") and the greens and tee surrounds rough is cut at 57mm (2.25").  There is also one lap of short cut rough at 25cm (1") around fairways.  the rough is extremely thick, yes we acknowledge that, and most golfers are enjoying the challenge that brings.  For the last two (2) months staff have spent approximately 132 hours mowing rough in January (15% of total available time) and 172 hours in February (18% of total available time).  This is without factoring in the days when it's been too wet to take a mower out or loss of time due to rain.  Most would appreciate the effort that has been made to not only stay on top of the rough mowing but also maintain and present the rest of the golf course to the best possible standard under the challenging conditions of summer.  It must also be mentioned that Camden Golf Club is a very large property in comparison to most other golf courses with lots of no man's land areas that need to be maintained.

Kind regards, Justin Bradbury.

Use of the New Practice Nets

It is wonderful to have a new warmup facility at the Club.  Those players who choose to use the new practice nets please note:  Under no circumstances are balls to be hit from the grass 'back from' the synthetic teeing area.  This is both dangerous to people and cars.  There were some divots on Saturday 1-2m off the hitting area. It appears that more than one member was involved.

Garry Wackett gives our new practice nets a workout.

Garry Wackett gives our new practice nets a workout.

Garry Wackett gives our new practice nets a workout.

Garry Wackett gives our new practice nets a workout.

Pace of Play

Pace of Play

Members may have noticed recently that the Pro Shop team has been taking some statistical data on the time taken on the course during competition play.  Last Saturday became the negative benchmark - the time taken to play 9 holes by many groups was as bad as it can get - 2 hours and 45 minutes.  This time was not exaggerated and as you can understand, it is totally unacceptable.  Yes, it was a medal round, but if we can't get this timing down to a reasonable time we have to take some drastic action.  Most players in a medal round should be able to finish 18 holes in 4 to 4 1/2 hours - meaning 2 to 2 1/4 hours per nine.  And it should be better in stableford and other events.

Players must:

  • Keep up with the group ahead.
  • Walk briskly between strokes.
  • Play ready golf - the honour system need not be used.
  • If you fall behind, two players move to the next tee prior to others putting out.
  • 3 minute ball search only.  This is a new rule in golf - it needs to be enforced within the group.
  • Play a provisional ball if you hit into a known problem area.
  • In stableford, take a wipe without continuing.
  • Cart users are also involved in slow play - drop partners off at their ball and drive to yours - this strategy is important.

Course Closed

Greens Renovations Next Week

The course will be closed on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th March for Greens renovations.  Some work will commence on the Sunday afternoon prior, with the Practice Greens closing at 1.30pm and the 1st Tee closed from 2pm.

The 'good news' is that a few weeks after this process, we will be back to hard and fast greens and we may get a few strokes back on our handicaps.

Sportsmanship and the Spirit of the Game

In one of our recent Pennant matches, we had a difficult ruling to make regarding a moving ball while putting.  After much searching on the internet using our mobile phones, we came up with an answer from one of the R&A rule books that favoured our player, Michael Bell.  Please read the following article that was published in the golfing news of our opposition from that day, Muirfield, headed "The Spirit of the game".

The Spirit of the Game

"Pennant Match Play is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to conduct themselves with courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be.  On Sunday, as Dean Forrest started his stroke over a short putt on the 14th green to go 3 up, his ball moved and he stopped his stroke.  Confusion over the rule led to Dean accepting the general penalty of 'loss of hole', taking him back to 1 up.  Fast forward to the 18th green and Dean, now 1 down facing a par putt whilst his opponent had a shorter birdie putt, was conceded the hole by his opponent, who was still unsure of the rule applied at the 14th and felt all square was a fair result for the match.  A credit to the player, Michael Bell, and the entire Camden team".

Camden Golf Club would like to congratulate Michael Bell on his honourable gesture.  As it turns out, Michael was correct to be 'unsure' of the earlier call, as further investigation after the match with Golf NSW determined that we had in fact made an incorrect ruling.  However, at the time, Michael could have simply taken a win on the final hole.  Sportsmanship of this quality should be applauded.

I would also like to congratulate Manager Brett Moyes.  When informed the next day of GolfNSW's response to my request for a ruling, Brett immediately contacted the Muirfield Manager to offer an apology.

Golf Rules

Golf Rules

(With the above situation from the Major Pennant match in mind)

If your ball moves on the putting green.  If wind, slope or an outside element results in the ball moving after it has been marked and replaced, it must be replaced where it was with no penalty.  This would include the situation of the ball moving during a stroke.

Below is Andrew Robb's (from Golf NSW) response:

  • Rule 13.1 deals with the accidental movement of a ball on the putting green and so in the example here it would not matter if the player had accidentally caused the ball to move, there is no penalty and the ball is replaced.
  • A player taking a practice stroke who inadvertently hits their ball, must also replace the Ball without penalty.

General Information

  1. The Club will participate again this year in the Macarthur Challenge.  This event involves the Macarthur clubs; Campbelltown, Lakeside, Camden and host for 2021, Antill Park.  We will be represented by last year's club champions in the following categories: A Grade Male, B Grade Male, C Grade Male, Junior, A Grade Female and Senior Male.  Players will be notified shortly of the details of this event to be played on Sunday, 18th April, 11.30am.
  2. Club Captain, Gary Hunt, has placed a sheet on the notice board regarding players interested in representing our Club in the Warren and Gibson Pennants.  This event is for Male players in B and C Grades and includes most clubs in Sydney.  We won the Gibson event in 2019, so with the event not held in 2020 due to COVID, we are the reigning champions.  Those potentially interested - the Prelim rounds commence 25/7 and conclude 29/8.

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