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Thursday 11 February 2021

Jared Harvey (L)

Major Pennants Report

Round 1 - Our first game last week was against Springwood at home.  A good crowd was present to support our team.  Our junior players, Jared and Matthew played extremely well and gave Manager, Brett Moyes, a positive from the day.  A 3 1/2 to 3 1/2 draw was an acceptable result, although winning at home is almost an essential part of Pennant play.  The next round was against the same team away from home at Springwood.

Individual Results:

  1. Michael Bell - 1 down loss
  2. Daniel Meldrum - 2-1 loss
  3. Lindsay Hudson - 6-5 win
  4. Lincon McLaren - 4-3 loss
  5. Michael O'Toole - square
  6. Corey Jaeger - 1 up win
  7. Jared Harvey - 3-2 win
Round 2 - V Springwood away

A very close match at Springwood resulted in a 4-3 loss.  Three matches went to the final hole and unfortunately we lost all 3 of them - so with a bit of luck, the final result could have been a clear victory.

Individual Results:

  1. Michael Bell - 4-3 win
  2. Daniel Meldrum - 1 down loss
  3. Lindsay Hudson - 1 down loss
  4. Michael O'Toole - 6-5win
  5. Lincon McLaren - 1 down loss
  6. Corey Jaeger - 4-3 win
  7. Matthew Green - 4-3 loss

Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf

  • The recent Patrick Reed 'plugged ball' issue was a good reminder regarding this event.  If you are unsure if a ball is plugged (part of the ball below the level of the 'ground'), call your marker over to assist in the assessment.  A ball can be buried in thick grass and not be plugged - the ball must have broken the surface of the ground/soil to be considered plugged. It is broadly accepted that a ball will not plug after it has bounced, while it is also not certain that a ball that has not bounced is likely to be plugged.
  • The rules of golf do not allow for relief from cart  or wheel tracks.  It can be a local rule, but is not the case at Camden Golf Club.
  • Relief from paths and roads.  The local rule on the back of the card gives clear direction.  The only relief available at our course is for 'formed' concrete, bitumen and gravel road or paths.  The only 'complication' here is on the issue of the definition of a gravel road or path.  If the gravel is consistent and / or embedded in dirt in such a way that removal from the general site is impossible, a player may be entitled to free relief.  If the gravel is spasmodic and / or loose, the player may remove the obstruction and no relief would be permissible.

A Few Issues

  • A reminder to members to be aware of greens staff.  We had a near miss last week with one of the guys.  The staff member luckily took evasive action from a poorly hit 'chip shot' from close range.  It would have hit him in the head if he didn't see it.  The staff will give golfers a call up or space to play their shots as much as they can, but we also need understanding and cooperation from golfers also, particularly now with the amount of play we are getting during the week.
  • Picking up golf balls on the course:  We have had some complaints recently about golf balls being picked up by other golfers, assuming that they are lost.  One such complaint - 'I had my ball picked up last Saturday and fortunately was able to ask a group close by that we suspected had taken the ball and they owned up and placed it back where they found it.  I had a playing partner a couple of weeks back 'lose' a ball on an adjoining fairway and we were 90% certain it had been picked up'.  If there is any doubt whatsoever golfers should just not touch balls, even when it appears that there is no one about - players can hit very wild and long shots in this game we play.
  • The old chestnut with bunker rakes - do not put them on the edge of the bunker.  I'm not sure how often we need to make this request.  Bunker rakes need to be tossed into the middle of a bunker after you have finished raking.  It is very unfair for following players if they find their ball jammed up against a rake on the downslope of a bunker edge when members don't follow this simple request. (I really would like a dollar for the number of rakes poorly placed during competition rounds over the past few months).
  • White tee option:  After a trial on Saturdays, it has been decided by the Golf Committee to not continue with the option of playing off blue or white tee boxes.  The tee box for Saturdays will be the same for all male players.  The option will remain for all men on Thursday competitions.
  • Good luck to all ladies involved in their qualifying efforts for the 4BBB NSW Bowl this week (Thursday and Saturday).
  • Good  luck to all male players involved in the Match Play Championships for A, B and C grade commencing the knockout Week 1 this Saturday.

Women's Charity Golf Day

Women's Charity Golf Day

Our Women’s Charity Golf Day will be held on Monday 19th April 2021. 

This event is in support of the Shining Stars Foundation and is a 4 Person Ambrose with an 8:30am Shotgun Start. 

The $60 entry fee covers your game, cart hire, lunch and prizes (including a champagne hole). There will also be a raffle on the day with some great prizes to be won. 

Hole Sponsorships are available and entries close on 12th April 2021.

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