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Thursday 21 November 2019

Dennis Moore, Joseph Jovaisa, Terry Roberts & John Lee

The Higlett Edwards Final

The Higlett Edwards Final was played last Saturday 9th November.  This event is a pairs handicap match play.  

2019 Champions are the team of Terry Roberts and Joseph Jovaisa defeating John Lee and Dennis Moore 3/2.  It must have been a chilly morning start with jumpers a necessity at the start of play.  

Well done guys in making the final of this prestigious event.

calendar icon Monday 9th December

Club Presentation Night

Reminder:  Some members have been fortunate enough to have won a prize in one of the major events on our golf calendar and should have already received an invitation to Presentation Night on Monday 9th December.  Please RSVP by Thursday, 5th December.


Camden Golf Club is very fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers that help out in a variety of ways throughout the year.  

We would like to say a special thanks to our Board, Committee members, Course Volunteers, Women's Committee members, Pennant Managers and individuals who provide support to our Club.

A reminder to RSVP for your upcoming cocktail party.


Terry Williams

Very Sad News

As members would be aware if they read the last edition of Camden Golf Club News, a long term golfing member of our Club, Terry Williams, tragically passed away last Thursday 14th November.  For those unaware, this occurred at the Golf Club.  

Obviously our deepest condolences to Terry's family and friends. 

I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful support he received from his playing partners, other nearby members and Pro Shop staff who came to assist in such a difficult circumstance.

Green's Report by Justin Bradbury


  • Greens are currently being mowed at 3mm.
  • New cups and flag poles were put out for the beginning of Club Championships
  • Minor plug work done on the back of the 5th green.

Course Pic

Ladies Pennant Report


On Sunday 10th November Camden Ladies took on Lakeside Ladies to try and secure a win for the season.  We knew it would be a tough fight having to win significantly to beat the likes of Lynwood who were playing Springwood, a team that have been beaten most weeks 5-1.  With three of us on top of the leaderboard, it was anyone's game.  We managed to square our match, which is a solid effort against the likes of Lakeside.  Penrith, who were also on top with us lost to Richmond, and as we had expected Lynwood defeated Springwood 6-0; which has them as this years winners.

A massive well done needs to go to all ladies involved in this years season.  We had our highs, a few lows, but all in all, a season of fun, good golf and great friendship.  The team for the season was:

Maria Thorn, Bernadette Johnston, Sue Marsh, Shelley Chapman, Chris Pettit, Susan Miller, Linda Hogan and Wanda Kozinski, special mention must go to Tricia Gleeson who filled in twice (and won convincingly both games), and Maxine Malcolm who was our reserve and filled in one of the games.

It was a pleasure to Captain you all through the season. 

Ladies Handicap Match Play (Vicky Beaven) Report

Last Saturday saw the semi finals of the Vicky Beaven Match Play.  This event requires qualification through the club championships with the top 8 Nett players securing a place in the field.  Kim De Cean had a closely fought win over Bernadette Johnston to make the final, whilst the other semi went down to the wire when Patricia Gleeson won in a nail biter on the first extra hole over Shelley Chapman after scores were level after 18 holes.

We wish both Kim and Trish the best of luck in the final this Saturday.

The following was a special report on her match by Shelley.  I asked her for a personalised version and to leave nothing out.

The game between myself and Tricia was a nice one, close the whole way, with 1 shot only ever being in it.  I thought my fate was well cemented on the 17th, I was on the green for 3 sitting maybe 7 feet from the hole (my putting hadn't been the greatest all day - so I was allowing myself 2 from there), Tricia off the green for 4 (she gets a shot) - we were square at this point.

Thinking that this would be another square, worst case scenario.  But low and behold out comes the putter, and in the hole she goes..... sh*t!  Yeah.. I missed my putt... down the 18th, 1 down.... I think however any ounce of luck that Tricia had left, was just used up on the last putt, because she hit a pretty solid drive off the tee, to be placed less than a foot from the big bad tree on the right...... I was back in this.... I managed to par the hole, down the 19th (1st) we go.  You know that feeling when you hit a really solid drive, put yourself about 50m out from the green, hit the green in 2, and then 3 putt?!  Yeah I felt that.... Tricia on the other hand, on for 3, 1 putt!..... Can I blame the cored greens?!.. Not really..  Will !?  Absolutely!...  Well Done Tricia - it was a thoroughly enjoyable game, and in the end the better player (or putter) won!

(Thanks Shelley- great read).

Golfing Santa

Christmas Mixed (for the John Scutts Memorial Trophy)

There are still vacancies in the field for this wonderful event to be held on Sunday 8th December.  

Teams can be mixed or single sex;  prizes are always fantastic (donated by members); the food will be first class.  Pam is expecting you! Go online  to book.

Around the Course

Preferred lies on all fairways until the December medal round.

Preferred lie in the gully on the 8th hole inside lines.  Due to water constraints the planned new grass planting has been postponed until more water is available and more favourable weather conditions prevail.

After the Greens Renovations it is an easy excuse not to look for a pitch mark. It remains important to search for, find and then repair all pitch marks so that the greens return to their previous fabulous condition.

Ladies Presentation Night

Monday 18th November the annual Ladies Presentation Night was held, and what a night!  This year we decided to go with a theme to make things a little more interesting... "LADIES OF THE 80'S".  The hair, oh the hair that rocked up!  It was a great night full of laughs.  Thanks must go to the ladies committee, without which nights like it just wouldn't happen.  But the real thank you goes to the ladies that rocked up, in their best 80's gear and made the night what it was.

Ladies Presentation Night

(I am so so glad the 80's is now almost a half century ago- well 40 years anyway. ONJ has a lot to answer for with 'Let's get physical' and 'Was the hair really that bad'?)

Bookings for 'The Longest Day' Cancer Council Fundraiser

Monday 16th December

Get a team, go onto the Cancer Council website to join.  Book a start time with Stu Meani.  It will need to be early.

4 rounds of golf in one day - 72 holes.

If you decide to walk, it will take you at least 12 hours.

Great cause!

The Longest Day

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