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Camden Golf Club


Wednesday 9 October 2019

C Grade Pennant Report

Wow!  Camden have not won a Sydney-wide Men's major pennant for a long time.  It finally happened last Sunday.

The guys in the C Grade team were extremely elated after their win in the final against Beverly Park at Cumberland GC on Sunday afternoon. A convincing 2-1 win.

W Gibson Trophy Winners

2019 W Gibson Trophy Winner

The team for the final was: 

  • Brian Berrell, Captain
  • Nathan Rego 
  • Andrew Roberts 
  • Michael Vance 
  • Shuki Borthwick 
  • Steve Hill
Other team players who helped us to get us to the final were Ron Hughes, Brad Keys and Peter Southby.

We could not have achieved our final victory without the efforts of all of the team.  Congratulations to a great bunch of dedicated club team members.  All of us feel very proud to represent our club.  Thanks to Joel for caddying and Gary and Corina for coming out to watch.

Jim Blaker (Manager)

A message from Brian Berrell (Team Captain) 

I know Jim Blaker will give a report but the team themselves just wanted to add a very special thanks to Jim for all his hard work as the manager.  He may not admit it himself but he really played a pivotal part in us getting to the final and it is extremely appreciated by all that he took on the manager role.  He offered great support throughout our campaign.  Also to the individuals that caddied and came out to support throughout the pennant season, a thanks to them.

W Gibson Pennant PlayerW Gibson Pennant Players
W Gibson Pennant PlayerW Gibson Pennant Player

Super Senior Pennants 30th September 2019 @ Carnarvon Golf Club

Today we played our first round of the knock-out section at Carnarvon Golf Club against The Lakes.  The Lakes have in the past several years made the quarter or the semi-finals.  The team arrived at the venue safe with plenty of time to spare for practice as the road traffic was light due to this day being a school holiday, it appeared quite a few people decided to go on holidays thus not clogging up the roads. 

The morning temp was good with a very slight breeze which made the practice a pleasure to be at Carnarvon.  The course looked in good condition.  Some players found the greens a little slow.  As time grew close to hit off time both teams were getting their final touch in good working order. 

At 10:30am the Starter (The President of Carnarvon) spoke to the two teams and the toss was made.  We lost the toss and The Lakes decided to bat first.  

Noel Beattie and Steve O'Donnell led the team out on the first hole.  The remaining players were to follow with Nev Hoskin and Joe Smuk bringing up the rear, no doubt all were looking at how his opponents played in the first couple of holes.  

After 3 holes both of our first two players were one down.  The remaining players were 1 or 2 up or down. 

By this time the wind started to blow and the clouds looked like they were preparing drop some rain but luck was on the golfer's side today as the rain stayed away but not the wind. 

Over the next 7 or 8 holes both teams were not allowing their opposition to jump ahead too far ahead. The biggest margin after 9 holes was 3 down against us. 

A quick stop at the halfway house to grab a sandwich and a drink before heading to the 10th hole. A quick review of the scores showed that the lead was 2 players on plus 1 or 2 with remaining players minus 1 to minus 3, again not much in it at this point. 

Over the next 4 or 5 holes the results were again very similar as previous with all players no more than 3 down to 2 up. 

The last six holes that were played were hard to win but equality hard to lose. The results are as follows:- 

  • Nev Hoskin  Lost 3 & 2 
  • Joe Smuk  Lost 3 & 2 
  • Ken Bellman  Won 3 & 2 
  • Danny Senko  Lost 1 down 
  • Bernard Allport  Lost 4 & 3 
  • Wayne Shaw  Won 3 & 2 
  • Steve O'Donnell  Square 
  • Noel Beattie  Lost 2 down 
Thus, The Lakes won on the day and go through to the next round. 

As it can be seen from the scores the Team played their heart out and also taking into account that not one of our players played a Lakes player with a higher handicap than theirs. 

The Lakes were fully aware that this was not going to be a walkover which makes me and hopefully all Camden members very proud to have players who did not give up so easily. 

To all the people who helped get us to the position I thank them sincerely. To name a few:

  • Garry Campbell - Sponsor (Campbelltown Coolrooms) 
  • Stuart Meani - Camden Pro 
  • Nev Smith - Who supported and filled in for me on several occasions 
  • Brian Thorn - Who was at the various venues when not playing 
  • The players who nominated to play but did not get a game 
  • Lastly the Board who allow us to represent Camden Golf Club in the Super Seniors. 
Yours in Golf "Super Seniors" 
Peter Legge Manager Camden SSP team

Super SeniorsSuper SeniorsSuper Seniors

Club Championships

Best of luck to all the players who are about to enter/endure 4 weeks of stroke play in our Club Championships for 2019 commencing this Saturday.  Course Superintendent, Justin Bradbury, has promised quick and firm greens with some tricky pin placements each week.  The new tee boxes on the 2nd and 10th holes will be in play each Saturday, (although they will not be in play during the week each week). The latest weather report - suggests you may need your flippers.

Ladies AGM - 9th October

Thanks to all the ladies that were present (or sent their apologies) for Monday's Ladies Annual Meeting. It is at this meeting that the committee for 2020 was elected. 

Positions are as follows:

  • Captain  -  Shelley Chapman 
  • Vice Captain  -  Kim De Cean 
  • Secretary  -  Kerry Cahill 
  • Treasurer  -  Melinda Humphrey 
  • Committee  -  Colleen Versluis, Sue Purnell and Judith Marshall
I'd like to thank Lola Harris for the work she has done as Treasurer for MANY years, and to Susan Goodall for the past year.

Here's the year ahead.

2nd Rnd Ladies Sunday Pennants - Sunday 29th September

The second round of the comp had Camden playing Lynwood Ladies, at Lynwood Golf Club.  We knew it was going to be a hard feat going in playing against a team at home, however our ladies stood strong and managed to get a 3.5 - 2.5 win. This is a great achievement, and a good step forward for us on the leaderboard. 

The team for the day was as follows:

  • Shelley Chapman - Squared Maria Thorn - WON
  • Sue Marsh - Lost Maxine Malcom - Lost
  • Bernadette Johnston - WON Chris Pettitt - WON
Well done ladies on a big win. This coming Sunday (13th), we are playing Springwood at Richmond. Good luck to all that are playing.

Kind Regards, Shelley Chapman

A Special Report from Ian McKenzie at the 'Home of Golf'.

I thought I should write a line to share my experience at St Andrews. I played on the New course on 30 September and the Old course the day after. My wife and I are here as part of our 6 week UK trip and arrived here at St Andrews during the 4th week. This despatch is about my experience on the Old course.

After some tense days awaiting the outcome of the Old course ballot I managed to secure a tee time on the Old course at St Andrews. It may have been a late 2.10pm tee time but the weather turned out perfect with just a little more than gentle breeze coming off St Andrews Bay instead of the usual afternoon gusts, and the course was in tournament condition following The Dunhill Links championship finishing just two days beforehand. 

I was partnered with a Zimbabwean cum Kiwi cum Scotsman named Brett who now lives not far from St Andrews in Cupar (where we stayed) accompanied by his beautiful brown labrador named Manu; Colin, a 7 handicapper from Vancouver and a Mark who is from Texas, a "walk up" start who was allowed join our ballot group (I kindly didn't enquire about his handicap as he must have lost about a dozen balls during the round).  We all had caddies apart from Brett so it was quite a crowd on the first tee - seven of us which is the largest entourage I have ever been associated with on a golf course AND the dog. My caddy was a 28 year old plus 4 player from Carnoustie named Jordan, who actually resembled the better known Jordan. It was the first time I have ever hired a caddy and I certainly found out during the day that my thought processes on a golf course haven't been what they should be. Jordan very quickly got a handle on my game and pulled the right club from the first hole - he certainly made it easier for me to negotiate my way around.

Manu the dog was looking like a mighty distraction for Brett on the course - he was a young one and was leading Brett around rather than the other way around. Attempts to restrain him to his flimsy stand bag while he played his shot was futile in the main but very amusing; often he simply galumphed around the course with the bag in tow with all the ease of a harness trotter pulling a sulky around Menangle Park. But he did tire after a few holes and then became much more manageable. Nevertheless he was a very lovable dog and great company, adding a very unique (and enjoyable) dimension to my Old course experience.

The first hole was a all about nerves. Instead of enjoying the moment with thoughts about how I was about to follow the footsteps of the great golfers of the past like Old Tom Morris, Bobby Jones or even our own Peter Thomson, I found myself thinking about bloody Ian Baker-Finch driving out of bounds at the 1995 Open with his cap being blown off by the wind. So I made doubly sure my cap was on tight and managed to hit a decent drive towards the lone gorse by the Swilcan Burn in the distance as per Jordan's instructions. When Jordan asked what club I usually need for a 130 metre shot, I replied, eyeing the Swilcan which was looking intimidatingly dangerous there in front of the 1st green, "a 5 iron". He laughed and gave me the seven iron - "They all do that" he said. Again fortune stayed with me and I managed to land the second shot to about 20 feet and 2 putted for a relieving par - I was away.

The greens were surprisingly gentle in pace considering a major professional tournament just finished 2 days prior. They were a tad quicker than Camden in summer and certainly not as quick as Camden in winter. I also found them quite gentle in slope around the holes and very firm - it is only when one has a very long putt over maybe 40 to 50 feet when the slopes became more prominent and 2 to 3 metre breaks became the norm. The other surprise were the fairways, which were incredibly tight and easily the tightest fairways I had ever played, and they were also very firm. The slopes at St Andrews are more about the tee shots and approaches, and one really needs to know the effect of the slopes and where the hidden bunkers are, to find the right landing spots - and this is where having a caddy was a huge advantage. On the 12th tee Jordan gave me the 3 wood (the only time I didn't use driver on a par 4 or 5) and said to aim just to the left of a gravel path on the right. All I could see was the OOB looming just to the right of that same path and at the same time noting that to the left was about 50 metres of inviting fairway. Of course I was dubious but he insisted. So I hit the 3 wood to the left of the path, and when I got to the ball, Jordan said "Now look back". Looking back at the tee I saw a minefield of bunkers which were all waiting to gobble up my ball - "Thanks Jordan!"

I found the rough at the Old course can be very daunting if the is ball sitting down and the sand wedge becomes the weapon of choice, but quite manageable if you get lucky with the ball sitting up. The gorse as I found out the day before on the New course is mainly unplayable. I managed to stay out of the gorse on the Old course but one or two of my partners did not and paid the penalty.

Another thing about the Old course (and the New course) are the blind shots. I have played on many courses in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula and none of the courses there have anything like the number of blind shots one is faced with on the Old course. It seemed at every other hole I was facing a blind first AND second shot on the same hole, so again the caddy was an advantage. His advice was generally along the lines of "Aim for the second church steeple on the left on the horizon, sir", "To the right of the leaderboard up that hill, sir", "See that large bunker in the distance?" or at the 17th tee pointing at the Old Course Hotel sign "See that lion on the wall?", all in the while I was seeing only rough, mounds and gorse in the foreground. The second shot at 14 was a case in point, the Hell bunker hole. Handing me the 3 wood Jordan said "You got 160 metres to carry Hell bunker, that TV tower is your line AND you really don't have any other option". I was in the middle of the fairway and I couldn't see anything but rough, mounds, a bit of bunker and the town of St Andrews in the distance. When I hit the shot it came out out lowish and Jordan said "That's 50/50, sir". But I got lucky, the ball carried the bunker even if it finished in the rough. I am sure Jordan was maybe reading from a script to instil a bit of anxiety and excitement to the day! But my Texan partner was not so lucky - he landed in the cavernous Hell bunker right under the front lip which looked about 2 - 3 metres high and took about 6 swipes before picking up. I think the same fate befell him at the Road hole bunker - I am not sure because I was dealing with my own issues with the road itself from which I used a putter to find the green (and a resulting 6 if you must know).

All our games were mixtures of good and bad. Brett was having driver issues and played a few "Ricky Ponting" cover drives, once to the adjoining Eden course but he was clearly a good player and played some very nice shots and made a few good putts and he was a very nice bloke to boot. How lucky he is to have such easy access to St Andrews. I am sure he'll never get tired of playing golf when he can play any of the St Andrews Links courses at a pinch, and I am sure Manu would be happy just to follow him at every opportunity. Colin from Vancouver also a very good player turned 4 over. I don't know what he finished with as we quickly had to go separate ways because with the late 6.45 PM finish, the Links clubhouse was closed and we were unable to have that all important drink at the 19th. Apart from the bogey at the 18th, that for me, was the disappointing aspect of the day - not having that after round drink with my playing partners or the caddies. But I had the feeling Colin was having a good round. Although he missed a few gettable putts, he was very long, playing a lot of good shots and was smiling broadly after the game.

For my part I had one of my better days (thank the golfing gods!) and apart from the double bogey at 17, my only other double or worse was a 9 at the seventh, so I was a very happy man at the 18th despite the last hole bogey where, after a perfect drive, I chunked a seven iron into the Valley of Sin and 3 putted from there; the 6 foot putt for par hanging over the hole refusing to drop (groan!). I would have loved to have finished with at least a par at the home of golf.

The three caddies were also brilliant company who entertained us the entire round with stories of their experiences. I would not hesitate using a caddy at St Andrews again - they may be expensive but mine was worth every penny as he went a very long way towards enhancing my St Andrews experience with his course knowledge. His flat rate was £50.00 with a mandatory £20.00 gratuity - in cash after the game. I was happy to pay Jordan £90.00 pound as he carried my bag all the way to the Links clubhouse as well - and that is about 800 metres away from the 18th of the Old course. With my green fees "discounted" at £150.00 because of the late 2.10pm tee time, and the £35.00 club hire charge; my cost for the day was £275.00 or AUD $518.00.

Not cheap! The New course the day before was "much less expensive" being £80.00 plus £35.00 club hire (I didn't use a caddy) which is £115.00 or AUD $216.00. Still not cheap!

But for me it was the best golf day ever and would do it all over again notwithstanding the cost. To tee off from under the clock of the famous R & A clubhouse with many curious onlookers watching from both sides was an incredible never to be forgotten experience as was arriving "back in town" at the 18th in the fading light. In my view all lovers of the game of golf should do whatever it takes to make that pilgrimage to St Andrews at least once in their lifetime.

Ian McKenzie (Long term Golfing member Camden Golf Club)

Ian McKenzieIan McKenzie

The Club received the following request last week:

To All Metropolitan Clubs

Golf NSW is now seeking volunteers for the AV Jennings NSW Open to be held at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club, from 28 November - 1 December.

If any members are interested in volunteering, please read following information:
Passionate about golf?  How would you like to rub shoulders with some of the best golfers in the nation?  Applications for Volunteers for the 2019 NSW Open are now being taken, so don't miss out. 
If you have a spare 4 hours between November 28th & December 1st, come down and help Golf NSW and Twin Creeks achieve our goal of providing a world class sporting event.

We need a volunteer team that is passionate, willing, and ready to go above and beyond to ensure that the tournament is talked about for years to come. There are a range of roles that need to be filled catering to all people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. 

Register your name, or even better, arrange a bunch of mates from your club to get involved.
All volunteers will receive lunch on the day and a NSW Open shirt and cap (a second shirt will be provided if you volunteer for more than two days).

The best part of course, is you are welcome to stay and watch the golf after your allotted shift has finished.

Rules of Play:

There have been cases recently where players taking an early wipe on a hole in a stableford event (due to ball lost, ball in water, having a bad hole etc) and then practicing on the hole despite the wipe. There are some major issues with this:

  1. practicing on the course in this manner during play is inappropriate
  1. players put themselves in a position where players in other groups may witness what appears to be cheating- players moving a ball, throwing a ball onto the ground.
When a wipe is decided, pick up your ball and announce to your partners that a wipe has occurred and then recommence play on the next hole.  

(This will not be an issue for the next 4 weeks on a Saturday, however mid-week stableford events are still occurring).

The 2019 AV Jennings NSW Open Championship 

Thursday 28th November till Sunday 1st December.

Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

FREE Season Pass Offer now available - valued at $60.  

A Season pass entitles you to free entry on any, or all 4 days of the event.  As well as watching some spectacular golf at NSW's premier event, there'll be other activities for the whole family to enjoy including longest drive and putting competitions. 

FREE parking is available adjacent to the course, with a complimentary shuttle service to the clubhouse.

2019 NSW Open Championship

Melbourne Cup Golf Day

Tuesday 5th November 2019

  • 4 Person Ambrose (includes Cart)
  • 7:30am Shotgun Start
  • Any combination of groups (men & women)
  • M $70 p.p.  |  V $80 p.p.
  • Max. handicap 18
  • Includes a delicious Buffet Lunch
All Payments to be made in Pro Shop.
All enquiries please phone 4648 2387.

Melbourne Cup Golf Day

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