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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Spring Cup

This Event was held on Saturday, September 14.  A stroke event for A and B Grade Men Players. The event was won handsomely by Danny Senko with a Nett score of 66.  One of our senior players, Danny, off a handicap of 10, shot a very good round of 76 off the stick for an excellent score, to win by three shots from Damien King.

Gibson Shield Quarter Final

September 15th.
We played Woollahra at Glenmore Park Heritage Golf Club.

Our number threes Shuki Borthwick and Brad Keys got off to a shaky start being 3 down early in proceedings however they staged a fantastic fight back to win their match 1 up.

The number twos Andrew Roberts and Michael Vance played some great golf and ended up winning their match 5 and 3.

Our number one team Brian Berrell and Nathan Rego were 5 down at the turn however in true fighting spirit they turned the match around to one up coming down 17, when the match was declared over (as we had won the other two matches and the quarterfinal). Congratulations to all the boys on a great win. We head to Riverside Oaks next week for our semi final match.

September 22nd.
A great result in our semi final against Cammeray at Riverside Oaks. 

Our boys won 2 1/2 to 1/2.

  • Shuki Borthwick and Steve Hill won 6 and 4.
  • Michael Vance and Andrew Roberts won 5 and 3.
  • Brian Berrell and Nathan Rego were up in their match when we won the overall match so the match was declared a draw and unfinished.
Congratulations to the boys.  We have made the FINAL.  We play Bardwell Park in the final at Cumberland this Sunday.  Best of luck.

Regards,  Jim Blaker.

Lady Golfer

Midweek Memorial Match Play (Ladies)

Over the last month, the top 8 nett qualifiers from the Studley Cup have played match play for the Midweek Memorial Trophy.

Round 1:
Janice Gill def Mindy Ross
Sue Marsh def Patricia Morrison
Shelley Chapman def Lola Harris
Dirkje Kingma def Wendy Hyndman

Round 2:
Janice Gill def Sue Marsh
Dirkje Kingma def Shelley Chapman

In the final round of the Match Play Janice Gill took on Dirkje Kingma, which was a nice close match in terms of handicap and shots given (only 6 to Janice).  The conditions looked like they could have gone anyway, with a few days of rain prior, glooming clouds, and a wet course, but the ladies went out and played their game.  Janice Gill managed to get up after the 15th hole. 

Well Done to both, but great work Janice.

Coronation Medal

On Monday 9th September Kendell Hunt, Bec Wright, Shelley Chapman & Wanda Kozinski represented Camden GC at the Coronation Medal.  Kendell and Bec were fortunate to score Lakeside as their course for the day, and played deserving of that choice.  Bec managed to get second in the days event, and Kendell not far behind.  On what felt like the other side of the world, I however, along with Wanda were not so lucky to play Randwick, or as I like to call it, the windiest course EVER!  Wanda and I didn't perform quite so well as our team mates, but we blame the wind. Ha! 

Overall Camden came in 22nd, out of a possible 49 teams.  Camden Lakeside were crowned the Coronation Medal Winners.

Ladies Sunday Pennants 

The ladies Sunday pennants is upon us, and what a glorious day we had this past Sunday for the first round of the season.  The ladies played at Lakeside against Penrith, which always prove to be tough competition.  The course was in beautiful condition with a fair bit of run, and the greens hard, but just enough softness to pitch balls in nice and close.

Happy to report, that we managed to get away with a squared match.  Shelley Chapman & Sue Marsh won their matches.  Linda Hogan & Chris Pettitt managed to square, and unfortunately Wanda Kozinksi & Maria Thorn went down, not without a fight though.  Well done ladies.  Next week we take on Lynwood, at Lynwood!  Good luck all that are playing!

Hole in One

Hole in One Report 

An apology to two of our members.
Brad Bailey and David Byrne have both had a hole in one in recent months.  Unfortunately, both were missed by Gary and myself.  In our defence, unless you see the eagle sign in the Clubhouse scoreboard, it can go undetected.  An eagle on the 3rd and 9th hole respectively is obviously a hole in one. 

Well done guys. Sorry it wasn't acknowledged earlier.

Super Senior Rams Pennant Report (Sponsored by Gary Campbell)

Friday 13th September 2019
Played Wollongong at Woolooware

On Friday the team travelled to Woolooware to play against Wollongong.  Playing Friday was different as generally Monday is our normal Pennants golf day.  However, it appears they have Vets golf on Monday and when asked if they would give up Monday the Vets would not accept any change and thus, we were required to play on a Friday.

The course was new to the majority of our players and we were hoping that the course was also new to the Wollongong players.  We also knew that we all had to put our best foot forward to ensure we are in a good position at the end of the round robin games.  Currently we are in 3rd position with a game to go against Woolooware at Campbelltown.

Neville Smith who was with us tried to keep up to date with the results and did a lot walking and provided information to our players on the team's progress.

Noel Beattie and myself (playing 7 & 8) had some good holes and bad ones but Noel got home with a good win 3/2 and in doing so became my motivator ensuring I was focused on my game.  Coming from 1 down with 2 to play I finished the 18th winning the last 2 holes to win 1 up.

Steve O'Donnell played some very good golf in particular dropping some very long putts. Steve showed that when push comes to shove, he can knock in some good puts and play some fantastic golf, winning his game 7/5.  His playing partner Bernard Allport played some good golf shots but was able to walk away with a draw on the 18th hole.  

Ken Bellman played against a player who has a handicap similar to his and the result showed just how long it took for Ken to get on top of his opponent winning on the 18th hole 1 up.

Ken's partner Danny Senko also found that his opponent could play good golf.  Danny had a draw and to get some idea how he and his opponent played, Danny stated that he was close to 4 over for the game.

Today Joe Smuk again took a back seat and let Neville Hoskin take the reins as the No. 1 player.  Neville played their top player winning 2 and 1.  Naturally Joe revelled in the No. 2 position and won 6 and 5. 

Next Monday we travel all the way to Campbelltown to play Woolooware.  The final outcome will be decided as to who comes 2nd to Port Kembla in division 5 to play in the knock out component of the Super Seniors.

Again, the results today were excellent for Camden to go into the final game in a good position of being within striking distance of a place in the Final's component of the Super Seniors Pennant. 

Super Seniors Pennants
16th September 2019
@ Campbelltown

At last the final game in the round robin of our Super Seniors Pennant section was undertaken on Monday at Campbelltown Golf Club against Woolooware who have had a couple of good wins one against Campbelltown and another against Kareela.  This was the first time we had played against a Woolooware team and their Club. 

So, with caution in mind and a win to the 'Toss of the Coin' Wayne Shaw and I started.  My first shot decided that to be in a bunker was ideal and so I proceeded to try for the green, no luck, hit short, then a good shot the back of the green, no back spin, walked to the ball and then watched my opponent putt from one side of the green to the other and to within 10 cm of the flag.  1 down, halved the next hole, crashed out of bounds on the 3rd and finished with a loss and so by the 8th hole I was 4 down.  Both of us duffed our shot off the 9th tee, I play a nice 2nd and 3rd shot to the green but my opponent decided that the water route might prove to be a better direction for his 2nd shot but as we know this does cause some issues.

I was now 3 down with 9 holes to play, Wayne was steady but his opponent started to hit the ball well and was keeping Wayne on his toes.  Stopping at the Halfway House picking some food and whatever information I could on our players.  No info available other than Nev Hoskin who was having the easiest ride home of all.  His opponent appeared to be missing.  Found out later he became lost and decided to return home, 1 game up.

The tenth saw a change in my luck by picking up a birdie, which began my come back of
winning 8 from the last 9 holes thereby finishing 3 & 1.  Wayne continued his steady progress of keeping his opponent under control and in doing so won 4 & 3.

As the rest of our players were finishing all reports were very positive with four players winning their game with one player finishing with a square.  This gave us a 7 1/2 to a 1/2 win putting us in the knockout section of the SSP.

Sitting down with the various players and listening to their coverage of their game it provided an insight that whilst we did win the game the opposition players did make the team work a little harder than maybe what they were expecting.

Due to heavy rainfall yesterday, several divisions did not start or finish their games.  The completion of these games will be decided by the committee asap.  The decision to play or not will be decided based on the position of the teams to play and what effect they may have on their results and other teams in their division or overall position.

When several teams have played to allow a 16-team finals competition the competition will
commence in earnest.

Many thanks to our Sponsor Garry Campbell, Camden Golf Club, Camden Pro Stuart Meani, and in particular the players and reserves who put the effort into getting us into this position of contesting the finals.

We do have a way to go and while it will be difficult this team will fight all the way to ensure that if we do not win the other team will know that it was not won easily. 

The results are as follows

  • N Hoskin  -  Win
  • Joe Smuk  -  3 & 1
  • Danny Senko  -  4 & 3
  • Ken Bellman  -  Sq
  • Steve O'Donnell  -  2 up
  • Bernard Allport  -  2 up
  • Wayne Shaw  -  4 & 3
  • Peter Legge  -  3 & 1
Peter Legge

Neville HoskinJoe Smuk


Leaderboard App

The leaderboard that has been available on the Camden Golf Club 'App' has been removed from view during rounds of golf.  It was seen by some members as an inappropriate piece of information available to players still completing their rounds.  The Golf Committee agreed with these thoughts.  There have been cases of players withdrawing from play when they considered that they were unable to win (based on their knowledge of results from the 'App').

We would also like to remind players that phones should not be used on course, unless used as a measuring device.

Justin Bradbury Superintendent's Report

  • Greens are in a strong, healthy condition as we enter the spring months. Root mass and depth is very positive and will only improve as soil temperatures begin to climb. 
  • All programs up to date... 5th, 7th and 12th and 19th greens have been given an additional light granular fertiliser application (16/9).

Root mass and length in a plug

Searching for a lost ball


Lost Ball:  A reminder - Players have a maximum of three (3) minutes to search for a ball.  Once three (3) minutes has elapsed, the ball must be declared as lost.  If the player subsequently finds the ball (possibly as they head back to where the previous stroke was played) it cannot be used.  The ball was 'lost'.

Melbourne Cup Golf Event

Melbourne Cup Event 

Camden Golf Club will conduct a special golf event on Melbourne Cup day.  The event will be an Ambrose event, with a shotgun start. 

In the next edition of golfing news, more details, costs and starting details.

Camden Senior Order of Merit 

There are still some spots available for members for the event on Tuesday, 1st October. This is an over 55 year old male event.  See Stu in the Pro shop for entry forms urgently.

Book-in this Thursday Night

A reminder that this Thursday at 6pm, we will be booking in for the first and second rounds of the Club Championships on the 12th and 19th of October.  The time slot that you book in for in the first round is replicated for round two, but on the other nine (so if you tee off on the first hole in round one, you tee off on the 10th hole in round two at the same starting time).

A reminder also that Daylight Savings commences on Sunday October 6, so your first round will be the first Saturday of the 'new time'.

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