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Thursday 29 August 2019

Course Renovations

Green Renovations

For those members who access their Programme Book regularly, you will notice that our Greens Renovations were advertised to occur this week.  There has been a change to the timing of the Reno's this year.  They have moved from August 26 and 27 to November 10 - 12.  This decision has been made to benefit the recovery time and also to assist the greens in the heat of summer.  This change will have a minor impact on the event Programming this year.

Justin Bradbury's Superintendent's Report

  • Greens continue to perform well through the winter months. All greens are now being mowed at same heights.
  • All greens needle tined (12/8 & 13/8); Dusting program will commence mid September every 10-14 days.  This will assist in improving overall consistency of trueness and firmness of greens

Dam Pic

Scratch Winners WG Nepean District Open Day

Nepean Women's Golf Open Day

Congratulations to our team of 4 who won this prestigious event last week.   Maureen Brown, Susan Miller, Sue Marsh and and Mindy Ross combined to win the scratch event held at Richmond Golf Club.  As reigning champions, the Ladies did well to make it two in a row.

Warren and Gibson - Camden vs Lane Cove Sunday 18th August

A great result for both teams.

B Grade registered their first win with a comprehensive 3 to nil result.  Peter Ball and Stephen Hale won 4 and 3, Kevin Lockwood and Talby Elmoh won 5 and 3 and Duane Johnston and Ian Stoddard won 2 up.

C Grade continued their great results with a 2 1/2 to 1/2 win.  Brian Berrell and Michael Vance squared their match whilst Andrew Roberts and Ron Hughes and Shuki Borthwick and Steve Hill both won their matches 4 and 3.  The course was in great condition with both clubs noting the excellent condition of the greens.

Week 2 - 25th August 

We can report that the Gibson (C Grade) team squared their match which now assures us of a place in the finals.  

Warren (B Grade) were unfortunately beaten on the day.  All members of both teams played well on what was a very challenging course.  Last match is this Saturday at Antill. 

Great effort by the Gibson team.

Jim Blaker reporting.

Super Seniors

Super Seniors Pennants 

Monday 19th August @ The Grange

Today saw Camden travel to The Grange Golf Club where we played Port Kembla in a tough competition and sometimes in grinding conditions. 

Today was even tougher than expected as the wind blew at times to the extent that it became difficult to stand and swing without miss hitting the ball.  Other times the ball was moving on the greens with a little help from the winds and the slopes before stopping.  In some cases it looked like several metres away from where it was originally expected to finish. However, the game today did see some good results, some very close results and some struggles in trying to overcome a good team and difficult conditions.

Once again, the results were even at four (4) games each.  Several players redeemed themselves from last week by winning. Players results this week:-

  • Neville Hoskin loss 5/4
  • Joe Smuk win 3/2
  • Danny Senko loss 2/1
  • Ken Bellman win 3/1
  • Steve O'Donnell loss 4/2
  • Bernard Allport loss 5/3
  • Wayne Shaw win 4/2
  • Noel Beattie win 3/1
A new player "Wayne Shaw" finally said "OK I will play!"  Played his first match with a good win. Well done Wayne!

Next week we play Campbelltown at Wollongong.  Several players will not be available next week including myself as I will be in Mt Gambier playing in the Aust Indoor Bowls Championships.  Steve O'Donnell will also be playing in QLD at the Aust Championship in Ten Pin Bowling.  Good luck Steve!  I have requested Nev Smith to fill in for me as manager and he has accepted.

Peter Legge reporting.

Next Round, Monday 26th August @ Wollongong

We travelled down to Wollongong for the team to square up against Campbelltown for bragging rights in the Super Seniors Pennant.  Peter Legge is away so I have returned as manager for around.  

The Rams have had two halves so far this season so all players were aware that our season was essentially on the line.  

David Kidd lead us out at Number Eight and was basically down in his match the entire round.  David won two of the last three and squared the last to finish all square after eighteen. 

Brian Thorn was silky smooth all day at Number Seven.  No seventy year old should be that flexible.  He was just to solid all day and eventually mauled his opponent 4/3.

Wayne Shaw played at Number Six and played wonderful golf.  Some of his irons to the greens were simply fantastic.  Wayne savaged his opponent 7/5.  A very impressive performance for his first outing on the Wollongong course.

Bernard Allport played at Number Five and finished like a thoroughbred.  Bernard was three down at one stage and made a fantastic finish to win his match 2 up.  Following his caddy instructions to the T he came home with a wet sail winning the last five holes in a row.

Kenneth Bellman played at Number Four.  Kenneth had a huge battle on his hands over the first nine.  Everything Ken did his opponent matched or bettered.  However our Kenneth just knuckled down, gritted his teeth and played sensationally over the back nine to win 2/1.  An incredible effort to turn his match around for the win.

Danny Senko played at Number Three and played an old fox.  However this senior ram had all the answers for his cunning opponent.  Danny was strong off the tee, solid to the green and putted really well.  A gritty performance on a difficult course.  A terrific 4/3 win.

Joseph Smuk.  Played at Number Two.  What can one say.  Joseph was Joseph.  Played strong, done good!  Hit fairways, hit greens and putting fantastically on foreign greens.  When the going is tough you know Joseph will grit his teeth and fight.  Joseph had to play all eighteen holes but just wore his opponent down with relentless golf.  The eighteenth was possibly his best.  Certainly his most clinical.  Great drive.  Well positioned second, perfect wedge - didn't have to putt!  A wonderful win 2 up.  

Neville Hoskin played Number One against one of the guns of our section.  Brad Post is an extremely seasoned and well performed golfer who has represented Campbelltown for over thirty years in all Pennants.  Neville knew he had to bring his A game and then some.  He certainly brought his A game.  Represented the Club with great golf and great sportsmanship. Nev eventually lost 3/2 but he certainly won the respect of his opponent with the quality of his game. 

Overall we won:  Camden 6 1/2 defeated Campbelltown 1 1/2.  Just what the doctor ordered for our season.  A great display of sportsmanship from the entire team.  They remain undefeated this season.  That is what they need to continue for the rest of their season.  They certainly did our Club, themselves and sponsor Garry Campbell proud.  Many thanks again Garry. 

Yours in golf, Neville Smith Acting Manager

Higlett/Edwards Report 

We have reached the Semi Final stage of this Men's 2 Ball handicap Match Play competition, one of our major events of the year.  In one Semi, we have the team of Bill Bell and Craig Sims taking on Terry Roberts and Joseph Jovaisa.  In the other match, Dennis Moore and John Lee will be playing Victor Morgan and Allan Rousell.  

Both matches will be played in the morning session on Saturday, September 7.

We wish both teams the best!

Camden Girls at RCD

A Report on an Overseas Adventure of a Lifetime

(Trish Gleeson reporting)

The opportunity to attend The Open Championship at Royal Portrush this year was too good to turn down and it only took a second for my good golfing buddy, Maria Thorn, to agree.  Obviously, Margaret Poulton and Yvonne Day thought so too as they were part of the same tour.  Being able to play some of the best courses in Northern Ireland and Ayrshire sealed the deal.

We started our playing at Royal Belfast, followed by Ardglass where Shane Lowry's caddy is a member.  Then off to Scotland to play Prestwick, Turnberry and Royal Troon.  Back to Ireland where we attended the final round of The Open (well done Shane Lowry - all of Ireland was very proud of him) and then on to Ballyliffin, and a week after the Open, Royal Portrush.  Sadly, the rain gods didn't treat us any kinder than the pros!  But that didn't stop the enthusiasm...  Our tour finished at Royal County Down which we played twice.  This was the hardest course we played (eg some holes had a carry of 170m from the ladies tees to the fairway) but to pick one course over another as my favourite... that's just too hard!   I think being able to play all those fabulous links courses was the highlight (but please don't ask me how to get out of that rough!) that made it a "trip of a lifetime".

Local Rules

On the back of our scorecards, we have a number of local rules.  Please familiarise yourself with these.  In coming weeks, the local Rules will be updated reflecting the new rules of golf and the appropriate rule of golf pertaining to each local rule. 

One point to be noted:  The compulsory re-hit without penalty after striking power lines needs to be clarified - it includes all structures holding the power lines, including the pole . (It seems that different players interpreted our previously written local rule in different ways - I, for example, had always thought it was just the wires, while other members of our Golf Committee assumed that the rule included the pole). Further clarification - Any pole must not be out of bounds.


Just a reminder of a few that some members have not quite understood:  

  1. Don't improve your lie:  Players must not do anything prior to a stroke being played that could be seen as improving the lie of their ball.  Pushing down grass behind the ball, standing on a low lying branch to remove it from your swing path are examples of this.  If you are on a bark area, you may pick pieces of bark away from your ball - however, do not scrape with your club or foot.
  2. When marking your ball on the green, the marker should be placed immediately behind the ball.  If there are imperfections on the green where your ball is sitting - repair the area.  Players must not 'prefer their lie' by changing the placement of the ball after marking - the ball must be placed back exactly where it was.

8th Hole

A number of members have expressed concern about the 8th gully.  As we all know, this ditch was put in a number of years ago by Camden Council to protect Narellan Town Centre in the event of a 1 in 100 year flood event.  The plan was to divert water.  I don't think the plan was to make life difficult for golfers.  It has.

Over the past 10 or so years, there have been numerous attempts to at least make the surface playable.  I believe this has been achieved on the downslope and more recently the very bottom has improved significantly.  However, very little success has occurred on the upslope.  The Board and the Greens and Golf Committees have been investigating a number of options to make the hole more playable for the players who find it difficult to clear the gully. There are the expensive options and the very expensive options, although Justin Bradbury believes he can improve the situation in the short term. 

We thank Members for their patience with this difficult to resolve issue.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Election of Board members is in accordance with Constitution Rule 25.

Nominations are now sought for three (3) positions of Directors of Camden Golf Club for a period of three (3) years commencing 14th October 2019.

Nominations Open:  Friday 23rd August 2019
Nominations Close:  Friday 13th September 2019

Nomination forms are available from the Administration Office during office hours Monday - Friday.

Note:  Constitution Rule 24.4 provides that "a person shall not be elected to or hold office as a member of the Board unless they are a financial seven (7) day member, a financial six (6) day member, a financial Corporate Nominee member, or a Life member of the Club of at least two (2) years standing at the time of the election or shall have been previously either a financial seven (7) day or six (6) day member with five (5) years cumulative membership at the time of election to the Board."

Cart Users

We have had some complaints regarding the emptying of esky containers at the end of play. Please do not do so in the car park - (a slip hazard for patrons).

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