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Thursday 15 August 2019

Club Foursomes Championship Report

Club Foursomes Championship Report

Over the past two Saturdays, players have competed in this most difficult of events, particularly on the second Saturday when windy conditions made the course very difficult indeed. 

Congratulations to all those who completed the two days.  As usual, there were many competitors, but few winners.

Some of the results were very close.  In some cases, three or four teams were within a stroke or two, with count backs determining places.

A full list of results for all grades can be found on our Club website under Golf Club/Competition Results/Major Events.

Ladies Foursomes Championships Report

We have completed another successful year of foursomes championships.  We had two very different Saturdays.  The weather on the first round was beautiful sunny skies.  The second round was howling winds and very cold.  But we did love the variety of beanies keeping our heads warm. 

We love foursomes!  It's the game where you play the ball from places on the course that you have never seen before (and still remain friends with your partner at the end of the day).  

Don't you love all the stories you hear from different pairs.  

An interesting observation that was made when all the results were finalised.   All players in Division 2 played better in the second round when it was windy and cold.  So obviously Division 2 don't like calm warm days to play golf!

Congratulations to Shelley Chapman and Candice Bell who are our 2019 Ladies Foursomes Champions.

Reporter- Kim DeCean.


Ladies Foursomes 2019 A Grade Scratch

  1. Shelley Chapman & Candice Bell   92   92   184
  2. Maxine Malcolm & Rebecca Wright   93   96   189
Ladies Foursomes 2019 Grade B Scratch

  1. Pamela Dilucchio & Bernadette Johnston   112   104   216
  2. Janice Turner & Corrina Hunt   111   109   220
Ladies Foursomes 2019 A Grade Nett
  1. Maxine Malcolm & Rebecca Wright   78.5   81.5   160
  2. Melinda Ross & Sue Marsh   78   82   160
Ladies Foursomes 2019 B Grade Nett
  1. Maureen Brown & Angela Toto   84   78   162
  2. Kim De Cean & Maureen Wackett   87   80.5   167.5
Men's foursomes 2019 A Grade Scratch
  1. Brett Moyes & Lindsay Hudson   85   78   163
  2. Darren Cummins & Robert Zelesco   81   83   164
Men's Foursomes 2019 B Grade Scratch
  1. Jaiden Shaw & Talby Elmoh   86   90   176
  2. Bradley Keys & Ian Stoddart   89   92   181
Men's Foursomes 2019 C Grade Scratch

  1. Warren Cullen & Terry Williams   98   97   195
  2. Terry Roberts & Joseph Jovaisa   98   100   198
Men's Foursomes 2019 A Grade Nett

  1. Ben Watkins & Troy Erickson   78.5   75.5   154
  2. Shaun Cahill & Frank Cahill   81   75.5   156.5
Men's Foursomes 2019 B Grade Nett
  1. Bradley Keys & Ian Stoddart   70.5   73.5   144
  2. Jaiden Shaw & Talby Elmoh   73   77.5   150.5
Men's Foursomes 2019 C Grade Nett
  1. Warren Cullen & Terry Williams    76   75   151
  2. Terry Roberts & Joseph Jovaisa   74.5   76.5  151


B and C Grade Pennant Report

Week 2 - 4th August.

Gibson team had a great away win against Massey Park . Shuki Borthwick and Steve Hill won 3 and 1.  Michael Vance and Andrew Roberts won 4 and 3 and Brian Berrell and Nathan Rego were two down in Avery close match.

Warren team put up a great effort however couldn't get over the line against Massey Park.  James Blaker and Duane Johnston squared their match, Talby Elmoh and Ian Stoddard we're defeated on the 18th 1 down and Kev Lockwood and Stephen Hale went down 4 and 3. 

All matches in both grades were played in great spirits.  Overall a very competitive and enjoyable day.

Week 3 - 11th August.  Camden vs Massey Park at home.

Very tough windy conditions.  B Grade (Warren Shield) went down 2 matches to 1.  Peter Ball and Stephen Hale won their match 2 up however the other two groups lost their matches.  

C Grade (Gibson Shield) had another great result winning 2 1/2 to 1/2.  Brian Berrell and Brad Keys won 4 and 3, Andrew Roberts and Nathan Rego squared their match and Shuki Borthwick and Steve Hill won 3 and 2.

All matches were hard fought.

Jim Blaker reporting.

Super Seniors Pennants Report 

12th August 2019 @ Kareela

Super Senior Pennants started last Monday at Camden Golf Club. 

We hosted the event and was able to review the some of the players from the other 6 teams which play in our division.

Today saw us travelling to Kareela Golf Club, where we played The Grange in a hard-fought competition.  

In the past several years The Grange has been somewhat lacking in players with low handicaps.  This year saw four players reach the 65-year-old mark and thus were eligible to play Super Seniors.   All of those players had a handicap below their number 1 and 2 players from last year.
Camden also picked up several new players but not with the same result as did The Grange.  However, the game today did see some good results, some very close results and some struggles in trying to overcome a good team. 

The results were 4 games each.  Several games could have been a win but the fate of good fortune was not with us today.

Next we play Port Kembla at the Grange.  This team was the Divisional winner last year.
On a different note I would like to thank our Sponsor Gary Campbell (Campbelltown Coolrooms) who has been supporting the Super Seniors for many years.  Many thanks Gary.

Peter Legge - Manager reporting.

10th Tee Development

The new 10th tee will commence work on Thursday this week.  Members have probably noticed the temporary tee box that will be used for approximately two (2) months during construction.  We are hoping the turf will last the distance on the temporary in front of the regular tee.  At some point, work will disrupt the entry toward the tee area and members and visitors will need to follow directional signs so as not to enter the construction area.

Female Golfer

Midweek Studley Cup Women's Event - Report

Over the last three (3)  Wednesdays the midweek ladies have fought it out for the Studley, for those unaware, this is the midweek Stroke Championship. For the third Wednesday in a row the golf gods were on our side, as the days were picture perfect, and unlike Saturday, not a breeze could be felt.   The top four gross players for each division were seeded for the last round, with scores running tight.

Congratulations to Shelley Chapman for being crowned this year's Studley Cup Champion, and to the other winners from each division for both Scratch and Nett. 

The results are as follows:

Division A:

  • Scratch:  Shelley Chapman - 258
  • Scratch Runner Up:  Rebecca Wright - 270
  • Nett Winner:  Susan Miller - 234
  • Nett Runner Up:  Shelley Chapman - 237
Division B:
  • Scratch:  Maureen Brown - 316
  • Scratch Runner Up:  Janice Turner - 321
  • Nett Winner:  Geri Beaven - 238
  • Nett Runner Up:  Lola Harris - 240
Division C:  
  • Scratch:  Patricia Morrison - 337
  • Scratch Runner Up:  Maureen Wackett - 340
  • Nett Winner:  Wendy Hyndman - 228
  • Nett Runner Up:  Maureen Wackett - 229
On the back of the Studley Cup is our Midweek Memorial Match Play, whereby the top 8 Nett scores qualify.  Well done to the following ladies who have qualified.  The first round is Wednesday 4th September.  Wendy Hyndman, Patricia Morrison, Janice Gill, Shelley Chapman, Lola Harris, Mindy Ross, Sue Marsh, Dirkje Kingma.

Volunteers Report

June activity for Vols was limited due to Queen's Birthday Holiday (a little inconvenient falling on a Monday, Your Majesty!) and the US Golf Open Day (a great day and terrific turnout for the Club), etc. before we knew it, the month had gone! 

However, July activity has more than made up for the short sabbatical with shifts of various types held on the 1st, 15th, 24th, 26th, 29th and 31st . 

Our Team for July:  Ken Bellman, Gordy Bray, Frank Cahill, Bob Gray, Peter Tanner, Terry Hughes, Peter Legge and Brian Thorn. 

The Volunteers

Snap It!

Snap It!

We'd love to see and share your photos of our course .

We are excited to announce the addition of 'Snap It' to our Camden Golf Club App.  This allows members to take photos whilst on the course and send them to us so that we can share your images on Facebook, the CGC Website, E-News, etc.

Don't have the App yet?  To download the App go to iTunes (IOS) or Google Play (Android) App stores and search 'Camden Golf Club'. 

The icon to the App currently sits on the third page of icons.  Any member who cannot see the icon will need to log out of the App via the settings icon and log back in.  Note:  The icon is only viewable when you are logged into the App via the Members icon.

Let's get snapping!

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