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Thursday 4 July 2019

Nepean Pennant Winners

Ladies Pennants

Reporter- Bec Wright

Nepean District Final:  Another great result for Camden Golf Club.

Camden Ladies 2019 Midweek Pennant Winners!! 

It is with great excitement that we report that the Camden ladies are winners of the 2019 Women's Nepean district midweek pennant.

After winning all six matches in the South West division we went into the final full of confidence, despite the captain (Shelley) enjoying the sunshine in Amsterdam.

We arrived at Leonay golf course to take on West divisional winners from Penrith Golf  Club.  Thankfully the rain held off until we had finished- with the trophy.

Individual Results:

  • Bec Wright 1 up
  • Wanda Kosinski 2/1
  • Mindy Ross 4/3
  • Maria thorn 5/4
  • Janice turner *(match not continued once result achieved)
Thank you to our caddies Kerry Cahill, Sue Marsh and Dirkje Kingma. 

Well done ladies!  Great effort, with most of us on average giving at least 10 shots each week.

Golf Trophy

Cosgrove Whear Final

The final of this event, handicap Match Play for men, will be played next Saturday.  Ian Stoddart and Bill Bell will face off, commencing on the first tee at 11:10pm. 

We wish them both the best of luck and congratulate them for making the final of this prestigious event.


The Warren and Gibson Trophy Pennant season is about to commence (B and C Grade Pennants).  Their first matches will be played at home on the 28th July.  We look forward to team news and match reports and of course, some victories.


We are about to get into that time of year where you can blame someone other than yourself for your shortcomings on the course.  Yes, it's Foursomes time!  

We have a friendly introduction this week with the American Foursomes variety, (that is the one where you both hit off, swap balls, then choose the best option to continue with).  We then get down to the serious business in two weeks when the Mixed Foursomes Championships occurs on Saturday and Sunday (20th & 21st July).  We are booking in for this on Thursday night, so please be aware that you play in groups of 6 (3 pairs). 

We follow this event two weeks later with the Menâ??s and Womenâ??s Foursomes Club Championships.  What joy!

Hannah Green

Hannah Green- What a great story

Our first Major Champion since Jason Day in 2015.  Only the third Women's Major winner from Australia, after Jan Stephenson and of course Karrie Webb.  Another good reason why we are aiming to have an excellent junior golfing program- and also to encourage more girls of all ages to take up the game.  Hannah has spoken about how having a group of friends to play golf with as a young girl kept her interested in continuing - she also had (still has) very supportive parents.  

If you know any youngsters looking for a challenge, get in contact with Stuart Meani.  His team caters for all ages.

Unrepaired Divot

Course Care and Etiquette 

A few reminders:

  • Please repair all pitch marks when landing on the green. At this time of the year, all damage done by players on the course will take much longer to repair if left.
  • Divot repair is also vital. Make sure your sand bucket is always used, not just on your divots - all imperfections you see should be repaired.  The course is in great condition, so letâ??s keep the standards high.
  • On the issue of divot repair - this from Course Superintendent, Justin Bradbury: "I took the following photo last Saturday morning.  Four (4) unrepaired divots side by side on the 8th fairway around the 100m mark.  Obviously someone having a practice on Friday afternoon.  We need a gentle reminder to golfers about course etiquette.  Ball marks have improved a little bit, but I think that is more to do with the improved surfaces".  I personally see the above photo as a disrespectful act.  I would love to ask the member (and it probably is a member) who has done this to justify their actions to the Greens staff and other members.
  • Arriving to the 1st (or 10th) tee ON TIME:  Paul Meani has been organising groups recently on a Saturday morning, particularly on the 10th tee.  He has been amazed at how common it is for groups to be late to the tee box.  He has been doing this to avoid players who play late in the day from finishing in the dark.  This effort by Paul should not be required.  10 minutes prior to tee times, players should be in close proximity to the teeing area (either of the practice putting greens would be close enough to know when to move onto the tee).  Please ensure that you are on time and ready to go prior to the advertised start.  Last week, Paul was two (2) minutes ahead of time for quite a few groups on the 10th, until we were suddenly 10 minutes behind one group later.

Antill Park

Cancellation of Reciprocal Agreements

We recently received the following advice from Antill Park Country Golf Club regarding Reciprocal Agreements:

The Board of Directors at Antill Park Country Golf Club have made the decision to cancel all Reciprocal agreements will all Clubs effective from Monday 1st July 2019.  There were various reasons why the decision was made, however the main reason was due to the number of players from other Clubs playing in our competitions on the weekend who rarely played at their own Clubs. 

The Board have however decided to open our midweek competitions on Monday & Thursday and your members are still welcome to play in these competitions without having to pay a visitor fee.  They will only pay the members rates to play in these competitions.  

Should they wish to play here socially or in our Saturday competition, they will now be required to pay the visitor fee.

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