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Friday 29 March 2019

Greens Renovation Report

I would like to take the opportunity to give the members a brief report on the work that has been carried out on the greens this week, explaining the processes and objectives along with what we will be doing with them over the coming weeks.

The greens staff began on Sunday afternoon to get a head start on the process. Fortunately, the weather co operated and we were able to complete the coring and clean up of 10 greens prior to wrapping up for the evening. The first part of our plans was to core the greens with a 19mm hollow tine removing thatch and excessive organic matter from the profile. We set the machine to an approximate core depth of 2.5" and a 2.5" spacing. On Monday morning we returned early before the sun had even broke through to complete the 19mm core of the remaining greens along with blowing them off and picking up the piles of cores. Greens 5, 7, 8 and 9 were done with a smaller 13mm tine. This was for two different reasons. For the 5th and 7th green it was due to the weaker root systems and avoiding too much puckering and heave on the surface with a bigger tine. On the 8th and 9th it was purely due to them being newer greens and not having the same thatch and organic matter levels.

Course Pic 1

19mm hollow tining 

Course Pic 2

and clean up ...

Prior to commencing the topdressing of the greens, a potassium amendment was applied to the soil profile. It is a good opportunity to get this type of product directly into the profile and to the roots. Potassium is a nutrient that assists with plant strength, cold hardiness and disease tolerance. All greens were then given a heavy topdress with a straight washed sand. The 5th and 7th greens were topdressed and broomed by hand to avoid putting a heavy machine on these two weaker greens. Following the topdressing we then went back over the greens with the coring machine using 8mm solid tines. The objective here was to create some smaller holes for bent seed to be dropped into along with creating more opportunity for the greens to vent. Due to the morning rain showers we encountered along with overcast and humid conditions it wasn't an ideal day for the sand drying. 8 greens were topdressed and broomed in by hand before day's end.

Course Pic 3


Course Pic 4

and 8mm solid tine on top of sand...

Tuesday's weather was ideal for what we were setting out to achieve for the day. We continued with the topdress, 8mm solid tine and seed process (in that order) All greens were completed by lunchtime and with excellent sunshine and a slight breeze the greens were ready to be rubbed in. All the sand was then rubbed into the canopy and core holes, follow with some more amendment applications.

Course Pic 5

Rubbing in sand

Course Pic 6

and completed surface ...

While the greens renovations have gone well and according to plan it is important to not be complacent. There are several practices that we will be doing in the coming weeks that will be a follow up to the major work we have just undertaken. We have already begun to go around and fill in voids and thinner areas on greens with some topdressing by hand. We will continue to do this on a weekly basis to encourage the recovery of these areas. Early next week we will do a heavy dusting on all greens. Dusting of the greens will be done every 10 -14 days as part of an ongoing program, along with regular needle tining. This will assist with uniformity and trueness of the playing surface, along with regular rolling of the greens. Any areas on greens that do not respond to the renovation will be plugged in the next couple of weeks. It is our objective to have a full coverage of grass on all the greens as we head into the winter months.

The greens will be given a dry cut on Friday afternoon at 6mm and the renovation fertiliser applied. The greens will not be mowed this coming weekend. It is best to mow the greens the first couple of times while dry to avoid pickup of sand on rollers and cutting units. The height of cut will then gradually be brought down next week as turf health and surface recovery allows until such point that we reach our desired cutting height. We anticipate having a good putting surface within the next 6 weeks. The 7th green will be back in play also in the coming weeks. It is to a point now where it has recovered well and is being monitored weekly with one eye on opening the green back up for play.

It was an excellent effort by my staff to get everything completed in a timely and successful manner, which I personally thank them for. Myself and my team also thank the members for their understanding and patience with what is a crucial maintenance practice for our greens.

Justin Bradbury
Course Superintendent

Some Recent Results

The Mary Hewitt trophy was decided last Saturday, with Rebecca Wright (31 and 41 points) winning with a total of 72 points.  Runner up was Pam Dilucchio with a total of 69 points.  Well done ladies.

The Wednesday Match Play pairs event, Dunlop /Harding, had its quarterfinals on Wednesday.

Winners were:
Sue Marsh and Mindy Ross, who will play Annette Wilson and Wanda Kozinski in one semi final. The other quarterfinal winners were Patricia Gleeson and Kerry Cahill who will play Patricia Morrison and Shelley Chapman in the other semi.  (It took 21 holes for Shelley and Patricia to defeat Maria Thorn and Carol Daniels). Best of luck next week.

Men:  What a performance last Thursday by Pat Bardsley.  He scored 47 stableford points off  handicap of 14.  That's 3 over par.   Well done Pat - a PB (personal best, not Pat Bardsley- that was a rare pun).

The Chippers / Junior golfers , celebrating a drive over the 100 metre mark.  Not bad for 5-8 year olds.  Just one problem - we asked who hit it and they all put their hand up.


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