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Thursday 7 March 2019

Happy Birthday

Birthday Special

I played golf with Tom Dike a week ago.  It was a Thursday Competition.  Our other group members were Mitch Arnold and Corey Jaeger.  What an amazing young man Tom is, although he was disappointed that Mitch out-drove him on a few holes.  Loves the game with a passion, still manages to get his regular 4 pointers on hole number 12, as he did on this day.  He figures he needs 4 points on it, because he doesn't care much for the water carry on the 13th (but he did manage to get over on this day).

To be able to have a relationship and play golf with people of all ages is a special skill.  I have not met a person at our Club who would not want to play with Tom.  He is a delightful man.  A great supporter of Camden Golf Club.  He travels past about 15 courses on his way from Padstow to Camden, but continues to be a member of our course because he loves it. 

Happy 90th Birthday Tom  (for last Tuesday).

One of our treasures.


A Thank You to Our Members

At the last Board of Directors Meeting, it was determined that we should give a huge vote of thanks to you, the members, for your patience with our greens.  You have been kept up to date by Course Superintendent Justin Bradbury regarding the extreme set of circumstances that we have faced during summer.  Our greens staff have made huge efforts to keep our greens alive during this difficult time.  A number of courses in Sydney, including some Division 1 courses, have had similar issues.  Some major events have been cancelled due to the weather extremes and green decay.  Some courses have been lucky to escape relatively unharmed.
It was decided that for one week of regular competition play, NO competition fee will be charged.

As a result, Wednesday 13th March, Thursday, 14th March and Saturday, 16th March, all players will be able to play regular competition for free (without paying $16). The normal winning prizes will remain as will nearest the pin prizes.

The Board of Directors see this small initiative as a thank you to our members and visitors.

Major Pennant Update

Round 3 saw Camden take on the previously undefeated Manly.  An excellent 4 - 3 victory now has Camden, Manly and Wakehurst all on the same number of wins.  Windy conditions made scoring difficult, with 3 of the 7 matches going down to the last hole.  Round 4 will be a tough one, playing Manly again away from home.

Individual results:

  1.  Dean Mulley lost 1 down
  2.  Michael O'Toole won 1up
  3.  Daniel Meldrum lost 1 down
  4.  Lindsay Hudson won 6 and 4
  5.  Michael Bell won 4 and 2
  6.  Mitch Arnold won 2 and 1
  7.  Joel Berrell lost 4 and 3

Round 4 was always going to be a big match for our season, playing Manly at Manly. Unfortunately we lost in the closest of games. Four matches went to the last hole, with only one going our way.  A 4 games to 3 loss leaves us in a precarious position, needing to win our last two games by a large margin and hope other games go our way in order to win our group.

Individual results:

  1. Dan Meldrum won 1 up
  2. Dean Mulley won 3 and 1
  3. Michael Bell lost 4 and 3
  4. Michael O'Toole lost 2 down
  5. Lindsay Hudson lost 1 down
  6. Mitch Arnold won 1 up
  7. Brett Moyes lost 5 and 4

Club Match Play Championships

We have reached the climax of this event in all three grades, with the finals to be played this Saturday.  In the A Grade Final, to be played over 36 holes, Darren Cummins will play Greg Matheson after Semi Final victories last week over Ben Watkins and James Hislop respectively.  In B Grade, the finalists are Peter White (beating Justin Bradbury in one semi final), and Jaiden Shaw (victorious over Shane Lincoln in the other semi final).  In C Grade, the final will be played between Alan Chaperlin and Gary Brown, with semi final wins over Richard Vickery and Robert Clarke.

Please note that the A Grade match will commence at 6.56am and due to the 36 hole nature of the event, players will request to play through groups during the day.  Many thanks for your support on this matter.  The B and C Grade Final will be played over 18 holes and will commence in the same grouping at 11.04am.

Noel Beattie & Bob Zelesco

Presentation to Noel Beattie

Director, Bob Zelesco, presented Noel with his achievement award last Thursday at our regular weekly book in.  

As previously mentioned in last week's Golfing News, Noel has just completed 21 years of management and playing in the Masters Pennant Team. 

Well done Noel.

Ladies Golf Clinic

Thursday Men's competition players saw some quality bunker practice last week as they walked up at the end of the 9th hole.  The ladies looked to be having a great time.  Made me stop, watch and learn. 

Ladies Golf Clinic

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